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Keep your grill firing in excellent condition by shopping our array of grill grates and grill replacement parts. Whether you're looking to upgrade your grilling experience with the latest accessories or you're searching for specific parts, Ace Hardware has you covered. Find the best selection of charcoal and gas grill parts from top brands like Weber, Trager and Grill Mark in our extensive inventory.

Grill Parts and Replacement Grill Grates

Over time, certain charcoal and gas grill parts can wear down. Rather than investing in a new grill, keep grilling like a pro when you explore our collection of replacement grill grates and backyard grill parts. We carry a large variety of BBQ grill parts to help you fire up your gas or charcoal grill.

Gas Grill Parts 

If your fuel keeps petering out whenever you're cooking, our replacement adapter hoses and gas line hoses come in an array of sizes so you don’t have to worry about running out of gas. Concerned about flare-ups and hot spots often associated with corroded burners? Our stainless-steel burner tube kits are designed to provide consistent and reliable heat distribution to help you grill foods properly, time after time. 

Charcoal Grill Parts 

If you appreciate the smoky flavor of charcoal grilling, worn-down parts should never prevent you from cooking the delicious steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers you're accustom. Browse our selection of charcoal grill accessories and replacement parts to simplify your cooking experience. Light your charcoal grill quickly and safely with the right electric charcoal fire starter. Then, effortlessly lift out used charcoal and ash before every cookout with a heavy-duty stainless-steel charcoal basket that provides easier starts and more even burning for ultimate temperature control.

Pellet Grill Parts 

Searching for simple pellet grilling solutions? Say no to delayed meals by exploring our inventory of auger drive motors that simplify the process of fueling fire and moving hardwood from the hopper to the fire pot. We have a large inventory of pellet grill replacement parts in stock, including pellet bucket lids and filters, buckets, sensors and more.

More Backyard Grilling Accessories

Flavor bars, grids and grill grates help take your grilling skills from novice to pro in just minutes. Look for heavy-duty and built-to-last replacement grill grates that prevent flareups, make it easier to flip foods and can easily be moved from one section of the grill to another. Find enameled flavorizer bars that evenly radiate heat from the burners to the cooking grates to thoroughly cook food, every time. Then, grill beyond your patio by exploring our offerings of portable steel carts designed to make grilling on-the-go as simple as flipping hamburgers. 

No matter your make, model or grilling style, Ace Hardware carries the best inventory of grill grates and grill parts to keep you grilling without interruption, season after season. Search for your grill replacement parts online or in-store now, then take your grilling endeavors to a new level by exploring our collection of grill pans and toppers.