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Cook the way nature intended with a top-quality Traeger grill. Using pure hardwood as fuel, these grills help you prepare delicious steaks, burgers, hot dogs and other barbecue favorites with the smoky flavor you expect. As a leading name in pellet grills, Traeger offers incredible versatility, amazing flavor and convenient ease of use. Discover the Traeger difference by shopping Ace Hardware’s impressive collection of Traeger grills online.

Benefits of Wood Fire Grilling with a Traeger Grill

Traeger crafted the original wood-pellet grill with attention to detail, versatility and grilling perfection in mind. While gas and charcoal grills definitely have their benefits, many barbecue enthusiasts prefer wood-fire grilling for a number of reasons. A perfect grilling option for at-home cooks and professional pitmasters alike, Traeger pellet grills offer a wide array of impressive features to help you master your grilling endeavors. Here are just a few of the top benefits associated with a Traeger grill:

Signature Wood-Fired Flavor

Unlike charcoal grills that are fueled with briquettes or propane grills that are fueled by liquid propane, a Traeger wood pellet grill achieves a signature wood-fired flavor with the use of pure hardwood. Wood pellets like pecan, cherry, oak and alder impart real wood-fired flavor into delicious meats, veggies and other grilling food favorites. Cooking with Traeger's 100 percent natural hardwood pellets allows you to complement the different grilled foods you love the most. Get a sweeter flavor with a fruit wood like apple, or use a bolder wood like hickory to achieve a savory, smoky flavor.  

Multipurpose BBQ Grilling

Grill hot and fast or low and slow with a Traeger pellet smoker offering six different features in one grill. A Traeger BBQ lets you grill, bake, smoke, braise, BBQ and roast. Impress family and friends by showing off your diverse grilling skills during special occasions, holiday celebrations and tailgating adventures. With a Traeger grill, create incredible wood-fired pizzas, mouthwatering baby back ribs, homemade pies and any other recipes you want to try out.

Wood Pellet Grilling Made Simple

With Traeger's simple controls, the wood-fired grilling process is easy. Quickly adjust temperature settings, just like an oven. Features like an integrated digital elite controller maintain consistent temperatures throughout the entire cooking process, letting you craft incredible wood-fired creations with the convenience to set it and forget it. Say goodbye to tending to the fire and flipping burgers to prevent overcooking, and say hello to unbeatable wood-fired flavor and greater grilling convenience.

How Traeger Grills Work

On a Traeger pellet grill, wooden pellets are loaded into a hopper and distributed to a fire pot under the grill. The temperature control determines how many wooden pellets are dispensed to the grill's auger, and a hot rod ignites the pellets and circulates heat and smoke to the rest of the grill. A built-in drip tray keeps grease away from the fire to prevent direct flames from flaring up, while an induction fan keeps the fire stoked continuously.

No matter what you enjoy grilling, baking, smoking, roasting or braising, head to Ace to view our impressive selection of Traeger grills. Visit your local Ace online or in-store to find everything you need to take your grilling skills to the next level. To enhance your Traeger experience, shop all of Traeger's grilling options, including hardwood pellets, grill covers, grilling tools and pans and more.