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Weber Grill Cleaners 

Is there anything better than grilling up a sizzling steak, juicy hamburger or a dozen fresh veggie skewers for your friends and family? For grill-lovers and cooking enthusiasts, the answer is a resounding no. But you do need a clean grill that's ready for action if you want to prepare the best food for your guests.

Weber barbecue cleaner products are formulated to make cleaning your grill simple so you can get back to cooking without the endless scraping, scrubbing and polishing.

Shop Ace Hardware for Weber grill cleaner products today, and check out our video on how to maintain your gas grill so you can enjoy grilling without the hassle.

Using Weber Grill Cleaner Products

Cleaning your grill isn't the most fun part of cooking over an open flame, but Weber barbecue cleaner products make getting the job done easier so you can focus on the flavor. Check out these offerings from Weber to find the best grill cleaner for the job:

  • Grill grate cleaner. Make quick work of cleaning your grill grates with Weber grate grill cleaner. The non-toxic formula helps eliminate grease and clear stuck food particles left on gas and charcoal grill grates.
  •  Exterior grill cleaner. Formulated for stainless steel, porcelain and enamel grills, Weber exterior grill cleaner helps remove grease stains, water spots, pollen and more.
  • Grill stain remover. Say goodbye to stubborn grease splatter, varnish blemishes and carbonization with Weber's stubborn stain remover for painted steel and porcelain-enamel grills.
  • Stainless steel polish. Give your grill a mirror shine with Weber stainless steel polish. Apply often to keep your grill looking brand new.

Tips to Keep Your Grill Clean

Your grill helps you make your favorite foods and feed a crowd without breaking a sweat. Keep your grill looking like new with these grill cleaning tips:

  • Oil your grill grates with a brush or a pair of tongs and a towel before cooking. Less food will stick, making cleanup faster and easier.
  • Give your grill grates a gentle brushing between courses or before putting new food items on. Your food will taste better and you'll have less stuck-on food later.
  • Clean your drip pan often. Less grease means fewer flare-ups and better flavor.
  • Move your portable grill inside after you're done cooking. Cover larger, more robust models with a fitted cover.
  • Wipe down the outside of your grill before covering it. You'll have less grease and food spatter to clean off later.

Watch this short video from Ace Hardware to learn more about cleaning your grill.

You've got great recipes, quality meats, fresh produce and a hungry group ready to fill their plate and chow down. Shop Ace Hardware to get grill cleaner products from Weber so you can keep your beast in tip-top shape. After you cleaned your grill inside and out, preserve its cleanliness with a durable cover made just for your Weber grill. Your grill is an investment in good food, so shop Ace today to find what you need to keep your Weber ready to go all year long.