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Weber Grill Accessories 

We know you already love your Weber grill, so we carry a great variety of Weber BBQ accessories to help you take your grilling adventures to the next level. Shop Ace Hardware to find Weber grill accessories designed to transform your already amazing Weber grill into the ultimate piece of cooking equipment.

Weber grill accessories galore

Turn your grill into a pizza oven, cook mouthwatering rotisserie chickens like a pro, or set up a portable makeshift kitchen with our selection of Weber charcoal grill accessories. Whether you're into early morning tailgating parties or cooking for the family on the weekends, the right grill accessories enhance your grilling experience. Learn more about the array of Weber BBQ accessories available at Ace with this helpful guide:

Rotisserie kits for slow-roasted meats

Slow-roast crispy yet moist meats, like chicken and tender baby-back ribs, with a Weber rotisserie kit that rotates food above the cooking grate. Choose a rotisserie kit to ensure even cooking and hold both large and small cuts of meat. Rotisserie cooking lets meats self-baste, resulting in more flavorful, juicy foods. When used on a Weber charcoal grill, a rotisserie kit adds a delicious savory, smoky flavor – just remember to grab a disposable aluminum drip pan to make the collection and removal of grease a simple and clean process.

Versatile cast iron griddles and cookware

Increase the versatility of your grill with Weber's assortment of porcelain-enameled cast-iron griddles and cookware. Use weatherproof cast-iron cookware for exceptional heat retention and distribution to ensure even cooking. Make pancakes, eggs and bacon at sunrise with a Weber cast-iron griddle, and create impressive Asian-inspired stir fry in the evening with a gourmet cast-iron wok.

Weber grill accessories for making pizzas

Make gourmet pizzas in your own backyard with a Weber grilling stone. Moisture-absorbing Cordierite construction lets you master the art of creating a flaky, crispy crust, and a convenient carry rack provides easy transportation to and from the grill. After you've topped your pizza with plenty of meats and veggies, slide your dough onto your pizza stone with a Weber stainless-steel pizza paddle that features a sturdy, no-slip grip handle.

Additional Weber charcoal grill accessories to consider

Sauté healthy vegetables, like onions, peppers and mushrooms, alongside the steaks you're searing with a Weber stainless-steel grill topper or basket. Prevent smaller foods from falling through the grates while imparting a grilled, smoky flavor to veggies and smaller cuts of meat or shrimp. Find sizes of grill grates that fit all Weber grills, and toss your new grate in the dishwasher after use for easy cleanup.

Pick up a pack of Weber bamboo skewers to create unique kabobs loaded with delicious peppers, pineapple, chicken and shrimp. Grill fish on a cedar grilling plank to infuse a wonderful smoky taste and prevent meat from sticking on the grate. Attach a Weber grill light to instantly illuminate the surface area of your grill to cook the foods you love the most no matter the time of night.

The best Weber grill accessories are here at Ace

Discover all the Weber kettle grill accessories you're looking for here at Ace Hardware. Head to your local Ace to get expert tips and advice from our helpful staff, or visit our browse our large selection of Weber grill accessories online. Find additional grilling goodies when you shop Weber's thermometers and probes.