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About Car Cleaning Supplies

Car Cleaners

Before you can give your car a thorough scrub down, stock up on the best car cleaning supplies to get the job done right — starting with the top car cleaners. Ace Hardware offers cleaning solutions for all your auto needs:

  • All-purpose car cleaners. Use all-purpose wipes and sprays to quickly and easily tackle multiple areas of your car's interior and exterior.
  • Car wash. Get concentrated car wash detergent to last for multiple uses and foaming car wash to lather up your four-wheeled baby.
  • Car wax. Shop liquid wax, spray wax, polish paste and glazes for an unbeatable shine.
  • Protectants. Equip your truck bed with cargo liners to prevent scratching and treat your car's hard surfaces and interior fabrics with protectants to keep your ride looking brand new.
  • Specialty automotive cleaners. Treat tough spots with stain removers, care for fine interiors with specialty leather cleaners and conditioners, and show your engine some love with premium outboard oils.
  • Tire cleaners. Remove rust, dirt and grease from your wheels and tires with our selection of tire spray cleaners, foams and polishes.

Cleaning Tools

You also need the right car cleaning tools to cut through all caked-on grime and smears your car picks up on the open road. For a deep scrub and fine detailing, pick up some of our top tools:

  • Microfiber cloths and towels. Harness the cleaning power of microfibers to pull dust and dirt particles from even the smallest crevices.
  • Polishers. Grab an easy-to-use polisher for a quick way to brighten your car's appearance. 
  • Squeegee sponges. Use a long-handled squeegee sponge to reach and remove water from car windows for squeaky clean glass.
  • Dusters. Swipe away unsightly dust particles with conveniently sized dusters designed to reach small spaces on dashboards, steering wheels and more hard to reach areas.
  • Washing brushes. Combine the scrubbing power of tough brush bristles with a little bit of cleaner and a touch of elbow grease to achieve a new level of clean.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

For the ultimate clean car, uses the versatile power of our wet/dry vacuums to remove dirt and filth from your interior carpets and upholstery. Choose from vacuums with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 20 gallons and find all the vacuum accessories you need for a deep clean:

  • Hoses. Find flexible replacement hoses in the lengths and diameters you need so you can suck all the dirt out of your automobile.
  • Filters. Keep dust and ash particles from floating through the air as you clean with reliable replacement filters that fit your choice of wet/dry vacuums.
  • Bags. Capture unwanted dirt particles in disposable filter bags so you can easily toss the mess after vacuuming.
  • Nozzle attachments. Find extension wands and a variety of nozzle attachments to fit into small crevices and scrub areas of any size.