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Keep your livestock in the pen and your property protected with durable barbed wire fencing from Ace Hardware. Shop a selection of barbed wire types, and learn how to choose the best options for your needs. With a variety of barbed wire as well as fence posts and fencing kits, building your new barbed wire fence has never been easier. 

Types of Barbed Wire

Classic barbed wire is made by twisting together two wires until they form a cable, and then adding wire barbs at regular points along the cable. The twisted cable design ensures the wire is strong, flexible and can withstand pressure without breaking. The barbs come in a variety of different point styles, each intended to create a sharp feel that discourages livestock from leaning on the fence and intruders from climbing the fence. 

In addition to the traditional design, you can find several other styles of barbed wire to suit different needs. Explore 12.5, 13, and 15.5 gauge barbed wire to find the strength you're looking for, then choose from a selection of 2- and 4-point barbs to build the fence you want. 

Choosing Your Barbed Wire

When shopping for barbed wire, there are a variety of features you can explore to create your fence. Consider the type of livestock you own, the climate of the area where you'll be installing the fence and other safety concerns. Explore these simple steps to help you find the right type of barbed wire for your project.

Step 1: Find the Right Gauge 

Gauge measures the thickness of the wire, which is essential for determining its strength and flexibility. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, smaller gauge numbers are actually stronger than larger ones. The rule is "the smaller the number, the thicker the wire". For heavy livestock like cattle, 12.5 gauge is considered a dependable choice. If you're looking for lighter applications, like creating a fence to keep deer away from the garden, 13 and 15.5 gauge make for easy installation while still discouraging animals from trying to break the fence.  

Step 2: Choose Your Point Style

At Ace, we offer both 2- and 4-point barbed wire to suit your needs. Point style measures the number of points of contact on the barbs themselves, determining how sharp it will feel to an animal. In standard pasture with room to roam, 2-point barbed wire is usually enough to discourage any animals that might wander up to the fence. In smaller quarters where there's a risk of crowding, 4-point barbed wire provides a sharper feel to guarantee the herd stays off the fence. 

Step 3: Shop Helpful Features

Trust your fencing with top quality features from Ace. Find galvanized barbed wire that resists weathering for long-lasting strength that's safe for a variety of climates. For extra visibility, try barbed wire fencing with easy-to-see red barbs to help prevent any accidents or injuries. 

With a wide selection of fencing and barbed wire options from Ace Hardware, it's easy to keep your herd in the pasture and your property safe. Shop our selection of barbed wire gauges, point styles and special features, then explore our fence posts and fence post kits for quick and easy home installation.