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Electric fences are an effective way of keeping livestock in their designated area or keeping unwanted wildlife away from your property. A carefully installed electric fence delivers a mild and safe yet unpleasant shock to any animal that touches it, deterring them from pushing against it or trying to break through it.

At Ace Hardware we've got all the electric fence parts you need to repair an existing fence or install a new one from the ground up.


An electric fence energizer is the device that powers up the fence, producing electrical charge from a mains supply or a battery. Also known as a charger or electric fence box, the energizer is at the heart of your electric fence so it's important to buy one powerful enough to charge the total length of live wire in your installation. We also carry solar fence chargers for fencing that uses the energy of the sun to get a charge.

Also, take time to consider the power level of the energizer. If you want to contain larger animals with thicker hides, then a more powerful box will be needed. However, stronger currents may be dangerous for smaller animals, so it's important to keep to a suitable voltage for your fence's intended use.

Electric Fence Wire 

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the most common kinds of electric fence wire. Steel wire is inexpensive yet strong enough for permanent fencing installations. Aluminum is a little pricier, but is a more effective conductor of electricity to give lower running costs.

Electric Fence Poly Tape 

For containing certain livestock, such as horses, a popular alternative to electric fence wire is poly tape, usually supplied in half-inch bands of white plastic threaded with metal. Poly tape is easier to see than wire, helping to deter animals by sight as well as shock. However, it's a little less sturdy in severe weather conditions than wire.

Electric Fence Insulators 

Electric fence insulators are used to attach the fence wire to metal or wooden fence posts, without losing charge by grounding the circuit. Most modern insulators are made of plastic, but for particularly heavy-duty fences, we also have porcelain insulators available.

Electric Fence Clips 

Often used with T-posts, fence clips offer another method of fixing electric fence wire to the posts. This combination prevents heavier wire from sagging, which is especially helpful for larger installations.

Electric Fence Switch 

If you don't need to keep your fence operating constantly, then an easy-to-install electric fence switch makes it simple to turn the current on and off as needed.

Other Electric Fence Parts 

We also stock a full range of electric fence parts and accessories including line clamps, live fence indicators, current testers, fault finders and much more.

As with any project involving electricity, installing an electric fence means using the best components and tools to get the job done safely. Here at Ace Hardware, we've got everything you need to set up a small fence to protect your garden, a large fence to contain horses or other livestock, and any size in between.

If you need any more information on any aspect of electric fences, fence parts or installation safety, come into your local Ace store, or contact us by email or phone and our friendly expert staff will be happy to help.