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Wooden stakes are a staple for beginner-level and experienced gardeners. Since wooden fence stakes have pointed tips, they're easy to install for many DIY yard projects. Ace Hardware carries a variety of wood grade stakes and landscaping stakes to make gardening and home improvement projects easier and more productive.

From fencing and landscaping to gardening and posting signs, wood grade stakes come in handy in multiple ways. Learn more about the many uses of wooden and landscape stakes from the helpful staff at Ace Hardware.

How to Use Wooden Landscape Stakes

Versatile wooden stakes and landscape stakes are commonly used for a variety of landscaping, gardening and building projects.

Support Trees

If you've planted trees, pruning and supporting their growth are necessary steps to ensuring their livelihood and longevity. Use wooden tree stakes to support the trunk and branches of your trees and to help encourage a desired growth pattern.

If you're new to tree staking, installing wooden tree stakes is a relatively easy process. Simply position two wood stakes opposite each other, allowing around 1.5 feet of room away from the trunk. Then, use a soft material like tree staking straps or canvas to attach the stakes.

Support the Healthy Growth of Plants

Certain varieties of plants like tomatoes, beans and peas can grow so tall that they may eventually start to fall over without the proper support. For taller plants like these, staking them with wooden stakes can help prevent damage.
In most instances, plants will naturally climb directly up the wood grade stakes towards the sunshine. However, some plants may need to be tied to the wood stakes with twine for additional support.

Outline Garden Beds

When planting separate rows of plants, wooden garden stakes can be helpful for marking plants to keep track of everything that's in your garden. Untreated wood grade stakes are easy to write on or paint, making it easy to know exactly what's growing in each area.

Outline Driveways, Decks and Walkways

Many homeowners use landscape stakes to line key features of their yards, including driveways, paths and walkways. The use of wooden fence stakes in these applications helps increase safety by clearly defining the areas of your yard that are safe to walk on.

You can also use a combination of wooden fence stakes and chicken wire to create a perimeter around plants to keep critters out. Using wood stakes to create a circular barrier around trees can also help keep gardening mulch in place.

Mark Locations During Construction Projects

In commercial applications, construction companies often use wooden fence stakes to mark locations or elevations on the ground when building roads, pipelines and buildings. Wood stakes can serve as reference points to help guarantee that everything gets put in the right place throughout the construction site.  

Complete your next project with greater ease by shopping the array of landscape stakes at Ace Hardware. Find a large variety of wood grade stakes in various sizes online or at your neighborhood Ace store.