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A crucial factor in the energy efficiency of a home or building, a door threshold is the strip of metal or wood that runs across the bottom of a doorframe. Learn about the most common types of door thresholds and how they can benefit your home from the helpful team at Ace Hardware.

Interior Door Thresholds vs. Exterior Door Thresholds

Door thresholds can be used for interior and exterior doors. Both types of thresholds are effective at closing the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door for increased insulation and protection. 

Interior Door Thresholds

This type of door threshold provides a clean transition edge between two types of indoor flooring materials. Interior door thresholds are often installed in doorways where flooring changes from wood to tile or carpet. You can choose your interior door threshold to match one of the types of flooring or just to prevent the edges of the floors from damage.

Exterior Door Thresholds

Exterior entryways like front doors require exterior door thresholds to ensure an airtight seal. Generally speaking, if you're looking for an exterior door threshold replacement, you'll need to match the material you're replacing. For example, if your existing door threshold is made of aluminum, you'd likely choose an aluminum threshold replacement.

The Purpose of an Exterior Door Threshold

Having an exterior threshold offers multiple benefits for your home, including the following:

Protects Against Weather

An exterior door threshold seal helps protect against the summer heat and winter cold. A door threshold prevents outside temperatures from coming inside and also shields the home's interior from rainwater that could otherwise make its way into the entry area.

Keeps Pests Outside

Doors without thresholds can have noticeable gaps between the floor and the bottom of the door, allowing critters to creep inside. A front door threshold creates a barrier that keeps unwanted pests like rodents and insects outside where they belong.

Provides an Efficient Air Seal

In addition to protecting against hot or cold air outside and other weather conditions, exterior door thresholds prevent inside air from leaking out. The more inside air that's unable to escape underneath the door, the less your air conditioner or heater will need to run. This can result in decreased energy costs and the increased energy efficiency of your home.

Wood vs. Aluminum Thresholds

Although many types of door thresholds are available, two of the most common options are wood and aluminum. 

Wood Thresholds

Wood thresholds provide a warm aesthetic, come in many sizes and wonderfully complement wooden floors. If you can't find a wood threshold that perfectly matches your existing finish, you can easily stain the threshold to go with the color of your floor.

Aluminum Thresholds

This material has high tensile strength that makes the thresholds more resilient than certain wooden designs. If you prefer an option with lower maintenance requirements, aluminum thresholds might be the choice for you.

Over time, wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic and weather can cause a door threshold seal to wear down. When it's time for a door threshold replacement, shop Ace Hardware for a variety of interior and exterior options. Then, explore our collection of doorstops to keep your doors and walls in great shape.