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The main purpose of a door stopper is to prevent wall damage such as scuff marks and holes caused by a doorknob when the door swings open. Ace Hardware carries a large variety of quality-crafted door stoppers and door wedges. Learn how to choose the right door stopper for your door from the helpful team at Ace.

Common Types of Door Stoppers

A missing door stopper means the wall can be damaged anytime you open the door. You can install any type of door stopper within minutes, which is much faster and cheaper than repairing a wall. When it comes to residential doors, the most common types of door stoppers include:

Spring Door Stops

Also referred to as baseboard doorstops because of where they're mounted, spring door stops are most common type of door stopper. A spring door stop has rubber tips and solid or coiled metal springs so the door gently bounces off the stopper. 

Hinge Pin Door Stops

Most hinge pin door stops feature a threaded post that lets homeowners adjust how far the door opens and closes. A hinge pin door stopper is designed to sit on the pin within the hinge of the door, which makes the installation process a breeze. This type of stopper is more discreet than other types and doesn't require drilling any holes into the wall or the door.

Floor Door Stops

Semi-dome-shaped floor door stops mount directly onto the floor. Floor door stops function similarly as spring doorstops by acting as a barrier between the door and the wall, just from the floor rather than the baseboard.

Wall Door Stops

The main difference between a baseboard door stop and a wall door stop is that the latter is installed directly onto the wall at the spot where the doorknob would make contact. These stoppers are generally flat so they don't protrude far from the wall causing an eyesore. 

Door Wedges and Door Bumpers

The biggest advantage of door wedges and door bumpers is that no installation is required. You can use these portable, rubber door stops on any door at any time. To prevent the door from closing, simply position the door wedge or bumper under the bottom of the door, and prop it open.

How to Choose the Right Door Stopper

With so many door stoppers to choose from, how do you choose the right type for your home. Consider the following two factors to find a compatible stopper for your door:

Location of Your Door

Do you have enough space along the baseboard to install a spring door stop? If not, consider opting for a hinge pin door stop model. Do you have ornate baseboards or moldings in which drilling a hole into the wood might be an impractical choice? If so, a wall door stop might be a good option. 

Weight of Your Door

The size and weight of your door will also play a role in determining which door stop might work best for your home. Smaller hinge pin or spring door stops are best suited to lightweight doors, while heavy-duty, solid metal door stops work better for thicker, solid-core doors.

Although often overlooked, a door stopper is a hard-working pieces of hardware within the home. Shop Ace for the best variety of door stoppers and door wedges. Then, explore our collection of door viewers to always know who's visiting before you open the door.