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Mailbox Locks

Keep your mail safe and secure by installing or replacing your own mailbox lock. Shop the assortment of top-rated mailbox locks at Ace Hardware to find the perfect products for your mailbox system. 

Upgrade Your Mailbox Lock System 

There are many reasons why you may need to install a new mailbox lock. Maybe you have lost your key and do not know who has access to your mailbox, leaving you vulnerable to theft. Or, maybe your lock is sticking, hard to open, worn out or simply broken and now needs to be replaced. Whatever the reason, you can upgrade your mailbox locks with our range of replacement parts and accessories.  

Our selection of locking mailbox inserts includes a range of parts to make installation easy. Look for brass plated steel mailbox locks that include the lock and two keys, or shop options featuring a steel lock, two keys and multiple brass pins for easy application. We also carry mailbox locks with dust covers that protect internal pins and springs from exposure to outdoor conditions, including dust and moisture. That way, your keys will turn effortlessly to access your mail every time. 

Finding a Compatible Replacement Lock 

Before you get started, it is important to check with the United States Post Office and follow their guidelines for mailbox lock replacement. Next, find the right lock to fit your mailbox. There are many available styles, so it is important to purchase one that will fit properly. Look for the manufacturer’s serial number or model number from your existing lock to find the correct replacement. If you don’t have that, head to your local Ace to get help finding the right lock replacement for your mailbox. 

How to Replace Your Mailbox Key Lock 

Replacing your locking mailbox mechanism yourself is relatively simple. First, you’ll need to remove the old lock. With the mailbox door open, unscrew the nut from the lock and remove the latch. Locate the U-shaped pin inside and use pliers to either pull up or down on this pin to dislodge it and finally pull out the lock.  

To install your mailbox lock replacement, follow these steps: 

  • Start by making sure the key that comes with the new lock is removed from the keyhole. 
  • Next, place the new lock into the same position where you just removed the old lock. 
  • Now, replace the pin or use a nut instead to thread over the lock's grooves for a more secure installation. Pin placement is just as efficient and requires you to put the pin around the lock and use the channel locks to push the new pin into position. 
  • Finally, place the latch onto the back of the lock and screw the smaller nut into the end to secure. 
  • Test the lock to make sure everything works properly and secures completely. 

Get All Your Mailbox Replacements at Ace 

Ace has everything you need to upgrade your mailbox and protect your mail. Shop online to find a wide assortment of mailboxes, mailbox posts and door mail slots to find the best products for your home. Or, head to your neighborhood store to get mailbox ideas and inspiration from our helpful staff.