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Mailbox Posts

Give your mailbox a secure and stylish placement with a new mailbox post or pole from Ace Hardware. Browse our range of top-quality mailbox posts in an array of styles, materials and colors to find your favorite way to upgrade your current mailbox system. 

Traditional Wood Mailbox Posts 

Shop wooden mailbox posts to achieve a traditional look. The classic design is typically made from solid cedar or pine wood that's left unfinished, letting the natural grain and beauty of the wood lend a warm and rustic appeal to your exterior décor. Cedar mailbox posts tend to change color as they weather over time, starting out as a rich rusty red and transitioning to a palette of silvery hues as they age. Wooden designs are typically the easiest, most affordable mailbox posts to install. Look through Ace Hardware's selection to see if a wood mailbox post is the right choice for you. 

Durable Metal and Steel Mailbox Posts 

Metal mailbox poles and posts from Ace Hardware are a durable choice for mailbox mounting. Shop sleek and simple options for a timeless look, or pick a modern design for maximum visual appeal. Crafted from aluminum or heavy-duty steel, many metal mailbox posts include a powder-coated finish to withstand the elements year after year. 

Reliable Polymer Mailbox Posts 

Lightweight and exceptionally durable mailbox posts crafted from polymer or PVC deliver a look that reliably stands the test of time. These molded designs can be decorative or minimalist, come in a variety of colors and provide another decorative and functional option when installing your mailbox. Browse Ace Hardware's inventory for these long-lasting options. 

What to Do Before Installing Your New Mailbox Pole 

There a few things to remember when placing your mailbox pole or post. If it is a new mailbox installation, it may be a good idea to contact your local "Call Before You Dig" number to assure you will not encounter any buried utilities as you excavate the hole for post placement. Another important set of measurements to know before putting in your mailbox pole is the United States Post Office guidelines for mailbox location, so you'll be assured they will deliver your mail to the box.  

For mailbox locations, the USPS guidelines typically require the following: 

  • Between 41 inches and 45 inches of vertical height from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox. 
  • A distance of 6 to 8 inches from the outside edge of the curb or the edge of road surface to front of the mailbox. 

Shop Ace for All Your Mailbox Equipment 

Ace Hardware has everything you need to upgrade your mailbox. Shop our range of top-rated products to install a brand new mailbox in front of your home, including mailboxes and essential mailbox locks in multiple styles, designs and colors to match your home’s exterior. We also carry durable door mail slots for home deliveries, plus included mounting hardware to make installation quick and easy. Browse our full assortment of mail products online, or head to your neighborhood store for ideas and inspiration on which items are best for your home as well as expert tips and advice for properly installing your new mailbox.