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Your mailbox is one of the first things people see whenever they pass by, so it only makes sense that it should reflect your home's style while keeping your deliveries safe and sound. Ace Hardware carries a large inventory of residential mailboxes designed for easy mail delivery and enhanced curb appeal. Whether you're looking for a replacement mailbox, a secure mailbox option to protect against mail theft or a house mailbox design that reflects your architectural preferences, we've got you covered. 

Explore which residential mailbox style might be best for your needs and property with the following house mailbox guide from your friends at Ace. 

The Different Types of Residential Mailboxes 

House mailboxes can serve both a practical and decorative function. When it comes to picking a new mailbox, your options are endless. To help you in your decision-making process, here's more information about two of the most common types of mailboxes: 

Wall-Mounted Mailboxes 

Typically installed on the side of the home next to the front door, wall-mounted mailboxes are usually designed with a square or rectangular shape. Also referred to as house-mounted mailboxes and hanging mailboxes, these mailboxes allow easy access for your mail carrier to pick up and drop off mail. They're frequently found in urban settings where homes are located within close proximity of each other. Features typically include security locks, letters, numbers or decorative designs. 

Post-Mounted Mailboxes 

If you have a long driveway, a post-mounted mailbox may be a better option than a house-mounted mailbox. With a post-mounted mailbox, the post is installed in the ground, and the actual mailbox is installed on top of the post. In general, posts usually measure between 4.5 and 7 feet long. 

If you already have a post in place, you can purchase a standalone post-mounted mailbox. Or, select a post and box combo if you need to replace or install a new post. 

Other Mailbox Features to Consider 

After you’ve chosen which mailbox design works best for your home, there are some other factors to consider. Use the following information to determine which mailbox features will work best for you: 

Mailbox Materials 

While there are a variety of plastic mailboxes available in post-mounted and wall-mounted styles, many homeowners opt to go with galvanized steel or metal mailboxes that withstand damage from weather exposure and offer increased security. 

Residential mailboxes typically come in the following types of materials: 

  • Lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum 
  • Durable and rust-resistant steel 
  • Easy-to-maintain plastic 

Additional House Mailbox Features 

Look for additional elements to protect your mail and help keep everything organized. Some mailbox features included in our assortment of top-rated products include the following: 

  • Locking Mechanisms: A mailbox with a locking mechanism could deter mail theft. 
  • Newspaper Holders: A separate holder is a great option for bulky newspapers. 
  • Personalized Information:  Adding your name to your mailbox offers extra personality and may help to ensure that you don't accidentally receive someone else's mail.   

Find the best assortment of quality residential mailboxes here at Ace Hardware. Get fantastic deals on mailboxes and posts online, or visit your local Ace to view our large selection of house mailboxes in-person.