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Get extra peace of mind in your home with childproof door, cabinet and window locks from Ace Hardware. Designed to help keep your little ones out of mischief, these top-rated products are available in a wide range of styles and designs that allow you to babyproof your whole house. Shop now to find your favorite products from big brands, including Safety 1st and Dreambaby.

Child Safety Gates 

Child safety gates are essential for times when your child is determined to explore. Our selection contains models that are adjustable to fit any size doorway or passageway, and can open in one or two directions for the most versatility.
Although they're best known for securing stairways, child safety gates have many other protective uses, including

  • Keeping small children safe in a secure playing area 
  • Putting especially dangerous rooms like kitchens off limits 
  • Using on exterior doors to keep youngsters safely inside while also letting in fresh air
  • Connecting several gates together to make a versatile, portable playpen 

Fully Babyproof Your House

You’ll need more than just safety gates to keep your babies – and your home items – safe. Since determined toddlers can always find creative ways to get into trouble, our range of products includes everything you need to fully babyproof your home. Look for the following top-rated products:

  • Window Safety Locks: Secure your windows and sliding doors with easy-to-install window locks and safety catches.
  • Cabinet Locks: Keep your valuables and dangerous items away from exploring hands with our child locks for cabinets.
  • Outlet Covers: Electrical outlets are so tempting for prying fingers, but our plastic outlet covers and locks keep curious youngsters away from danger.
  • Door Knob Covers: Our range of childproof door locks and knob covers gives you peace of mind, letting your child play free without wandering from the safety of the playroom.
  • Safety Straps: Crawling babies will use anything nearby to help them stand, but our anti-tipping safety straps let you secure TVs and tall furniture to the walls with no hassle and no mess.
  • Kitchen Safety: Kitchens hold many dangers for toddlers. Protect them with oven locks, appliance latches, stove knob covers, and cabinet and drawer latches.
  • Edge Bumpers: Keep tender heads away from furniture corners and sharp edges with protective cushions and foam bumpers.

Childproofing Your House Made Easy 

Our range of child safety locks features the most reliable brands at smart savings, providing you with essential backup to help keep your children safe. Constructed from durable materials, they're built to last and easy to install, but hard for kids to figure out.

Browse our full assortment of babyproof products to find all the child door locks and cabinet safety latches you need to make your home safe. Or, for expert know-how on everything about babyproofing your house, head to your nearest Ace store and talk to our helpful staff.