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Improve the safety and visibility of your outdoor space with the best driveway markers from Ace. Browse our wide selection of ground stakes, reflectors and safety tape for attractive and convenient safety solutions that fit your needs.

Types of Driveway Markers

Whether you're marking out a new driveway, meeting workplace safety standards or simply adding extra visibility to your home, there are plenty of different markers to choose from. At Ace, we offer a selection of ground spikes, reflector patches and safety tapes that are easy to install in any driveway. Learn more about each type to find the perfect solution for you.

Ground Spikes 

This style of driveway marker is ideal for creating a clear path through open areas. The sturdy construction can be installed in dirt and even packed surfaces, making it easy to mark out both straight and curved lines. Browse different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to separate your space from nearby driveways.

Reflector Patches

If you're looking for a safe way to mark driveway obstacles, reflector patches are a convenient and reliable choice. Self-adhesive styles apply to clean, dry surfaces like metal, plastic and stone features, while bracketed styles offer an easy option for marking out rougher surfaces.

Reflector Tape

Clearly identify obstacles like trees, stones and gardens with high visibility reflector tape. The versatile nature makes it perfect for marking irregularly-shaped objects, as well as for sectioning off larger areas.

Driveway Marker Features

Once you've found the right type of driveway reflectors, browse the features you need. Explore different styles, colors and constructions for convenient short-term and long-term driveway safety solutions.


We offer a selection of reflective driveway markers in different sizes and shapes. Our ground stakes are available in a range of heights, with both linear and circle top styles to fit your space. Patches are available in circular and oblong shapes, while tapes come in a variety of lengths.


Browse a variety of different driveway marker colors to easily differentiate your driveway from your neighbors. Red, orange, yellow, white and blue styles offer high visibility, and can be used alone or in combination to mark out different areas.


Choosing the right style and construction of reflective markers depends on your environment and how long you plan to keep them up. We offer heavy-duty marking stakes with UV-resistant reflectors that are perfect for long-term use, as well as weather-resistant reflector patches that are great for identifying permanent and temporary obstacles. For short-term marking, reflective safety tape offers a sturdy and convenient solution to mark off small and large areas.

Shop Reflector Lights and Driveway Markers at Ace

Find convenient and reliable safety solutions with driveway markers from Ace. Drop by your local store to browse a range of styles and features, then explore our assortment of security cameras to design a complete safety setup for your outdoor space. If you’re looking for a little advice on finding the right top-rated products for your needs, our helpful staff is always happy to provide expert tips to lead you in the right direction.