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Ace Hardware carries a wide variety of personal security products to keep you and your loved ones safeguarded against a range of potential threats. Our personal security inventory includes products designed to increase your safety at home as well as self-defense products that are a suitable solution for on-the-go protection.

From pepper spray to personal security cameras, our assortment of personal security items includes everything you need to feel safe wherever you go. Use this guide from Ace Hardware to make the right personal security decisions for you.

On-Hand Personal Security Options

Whether you're running outdoors, walking on campus or heading to your car in the parking garage, have additional peace of mind with the convenience of a portable personal security solution. Some portable personal security products in our collection include:

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray contains a powerful formula that creates an intense burning sensation if released into an attacker's eyes. Many types, including Mace pepper sprays, are made from naturally occurring substances derived from hot peppers. Here are a few features to look for when shopping our inventory of pepper spray:

  • Pepper spray keychains that attach to your purse, handbag or keys so it's always with you
  • Wide spray ranges of 8 to 10 feet for maximum effectiveness
  • Protective covers with finger grip dispensers for easy aiming

Personal Security Alarms

With a personal security alarm, a loud alarm will go off as soon as a button is set. These alarms are usually compact and easy to carry, and the noise they produce is designed to call the attention of others while warding off intruders. Look for personal security alarms in our collection that include built-in lights and key rings that conveniently attach to keychains, purses or bags for quick access.

Key Concealment Boxes

Never be locked out of your car or home again. Keep your keys safe and secure with a key concealment box that attaches to any metal surface for quick and convenient access.

Increase Your Personal Security at Home

Personal security products help to keep homes and families safe and secure by protecting against home intrusions, water and gas leaks, and more. These personal security products from our inventory can provide added safety in your home:

  • Personal Security Cameras: Keep tabs on your loved ones and pets while increasing safety with a personal security camera that tracks anything that moves. 
  • Wireless Video Doorbells: Monitor and talk to visitors at home from anywhere you go with a wireless video doorbell that offers continuous video recording. 
  • Door and Window Alarms: These affordable home security solutions will sound if an intruder opens your doors or windows. 
  • Motion Sensor Alarms: Ward off trespassers with a motion sensor alarm that sounds whenever movement is detected. 
  • Water Leak Detection Alarms: Protect your home and valuables against water damage with an alarm that will alert you whenever a leak is detected.

Shop Personal Security Products at Ace

We carry a wide range of top-rated security products to help you feel safe wherever you go. Shop online or head to your local Ace to pick up all the cameras, keychains, pepper spray and other items you need. Then, explore our collection of safes to make sure other valuables are protected.