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With so many options to choose from, purchasing the right baby fence can seem difficult. Use this child safety gate buying guide from the helpful staff at Ace Hardware to find the perfect safety gates for your home.

Types of Baby Gates

Baby safety gates function as a barrier that makes it almost impossible for your children or pets to get past, all while allowing easy access for adults to move from room to room. Our selection of baby fences includes two primary options:

Hardware-Mounted Safety Gates

These easy-to-install baby fences are anchored to surrounding walls or doorframes with screws or brackets. Due to their extra-sturdy construction, hardware-mounted child safety gates are the safest stair gate option. These gates are an ideal solution for areas that require a more permanent safety solution, such as at the top of a staircase or an entryway to a kitchen.

Pressure-Mounted Safety Gates

These retractable baby gates work like a tension rod and don't require any hardware to install. Simply place a pressure-mounted gate in a door frame or between two walls, then adjust it to the right width and the tension will keep it in place. While pressure-mounted retractable baby gates can be installed without tools and moved to different locations as needed, they're not as secure as hardware-mounted baby gates. Plan to use this type of gate in areas where falls aren't likely, such as at the bottom of stairs or entryways between rooms.

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Safety Gate

Besides deciding whether you'll need a hardware-mounted or pressure-mounted baby gate, there are other factors to consider. Keep an eye out for these safety gate features to find the right fit for your needs:

  • Opening and Closing Mechanism: If you'll need to walk through the security gate multiple times throughout the day, look for a baby gate with a door that can be easily opened by an adult. Some baby gates have one-hand unlocking mechanisms, and certain types of hardware-mounted models swing open for quick access, too.
  • Size and Height: Most child safety gates will block a standard doorway. If you have a larger area to protect, purchase an extra-wide baby gate that stretches further. Consider the height of the baby gate, too. If you're using the gate for child safety purposes, think about what height your child might be before you won't need to use the gate any longer.
  • Construction Materials: We carry wooden baby gates, plastic baby gates and gates with vinyl-coated wire mesh panels. Consider the aesthetic effects and the durability to determine the best material for your home.
  • Wall Protection: Even though pressure-mounted baby gates don't require hardware, some types feature hard pressure caps that could damage your walls. Look for baby safety gates with features like rubber bumpers that offer increased wall protection. You can also purchase rubber bumpers separately to reduce wall damage. 

At Ace, we help make it easier to keep your little ones safe. Shop online or head to your local Ace to find the best safety gates and other child safety essentials for your household.