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About Screen Doors

When talking about “curb appeal” many people focus on landscaping in the front yard, but another vital element in creating an attractive exterior is your entryway. And when it comes to the entryway, most homeowners tend to focus on exterior lighting and their main entry door, but screen doors provide another opportunity to add personality to your home and offer a warm weather advantage.

When the weather gets warm and you’re ready to let some fresh air in, a screen door allows you to keep the main entry door open while keeping bugs and other small animals out of your home. Ace Hardware carries wooden, vinyl, aluminum and steel screen doors in many different styles to suit the look you’re going for.

While a screen door helps you capitalize on a cool breeze, it’s just as important for other homeowners to protect their main entry door from inclement weather with storm doors. These doors serve a dual function -- letting in fresh air on nice days with their screened in feature and keeping the elements out with sliding tempered glass panels. Because they’re designed to withstand heavy rain, wind and snow, storm doors tend to be built for more durability. 

Taking durability to the next level, security doors help protect your home from forced entry. While security doors provide an extra layer of safety, they can also still provide attractive accents to your exterior and come in many designs and colors including black, white and almond.

If you’re in the market for a new door, visit Ace Hardware for a great selection. We carry interior sliding doors and door hardware too. Once you find the door you need, visit our guide on how to install entry, screen and storm doors.