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Keep your home cool and comfortable all year round with window air conditioners from Ace Hardware. Browse window AC units in various sizes to find the option that best fits your space, then explore features and accessories for all your home cooling needs. 

How to Find the Best Window Air Conditioner for Your Home

Window air conditioners are popular because they offer an efficient, low maintenance way to keep your home or space cool. While most portable air conditioners need to be emptied by hand, casement window air conditioners automatically move moisture outside for an easy-care option. 
When shopping for a new air conditioning unit, consider the size of the room where you'll be installing the AC. You'll notice that each window AC unit lists a BTU number, which measures how much heat per hour the window AC unit can remove. Follow these simple guidelines to match the size of your room to the best BTU measurement:

  • 100 – 350 square feet: 5,000 – 8,000 BTU
  • 350 – 550 square feet: 9,000 – 12,000 BTU
  • 550 – 1,000 square feet: 14,000 – 18,000 BTU
  • 1,000 – 1,500 square feet: 18,000 – 24,000 BTU

Window Air Conditioner Features

The best window AC units do more than just cool the air - they come with helpful features for programming, cleaning, and more. Explore a few of our popular window air conditioner features to find the best fit for your home:
  • Low noise: when you're looking for a quiet window air conditioner, browse models equipped with the low noise airflow system that's perfect for bedrooms, guest rooms, and other sleeping spaces.
  • Remote control: turn your unit on and control the speed from the comfort of your couch with a convenient remote control AC unit. 
  • WiFi control: adjust your temperature settings on the go with WiFi controlled window AC units.
  • Energy saver mode: save power and money with eco-friendly energy saving settings.
  • Washable filter: reduce waste with reusable filters for your window AC.
  • Self-diagnosis: don't worry about wondering when to change the filter - look for models equipped with a self-diagnosis feature to alert you anytime you need to perform maintenance on your unit. 

Air Conditioner Filters and Accessories 

Once you're all set with the perfect window air conditioning unit, keep it running smoothly with the right AC filters and accessories. Shop air conditioner parts and accessories to make maintenance and repairs easy, then browse our wide selection of air filters for everyday use. With a variety of sizes and performance ratings, air filters are the perfect way to remove dust, bacteria, and allergens from the air. Check the specifications of your AC unit or air purifier to see how often your filter needs to be replaced. 

You’ll find everything you need to keep your home cool and comfortable with window air conditioners from Ace. Browse our small window air conditioners for compact spaces, or shop for high-capacity models for those larger rooms or spaces. With a wide variety of convenient features and accessories, Ace makes it easy to purchase and install the best window air conditioner option for your needs.