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When temperatures soar, stay cool and comfortable when you shop our array of box fans, floor fans and oscillating fans at Ace Hardware. Add a portable household fan to your space for instant relief on hot and sunny days. Learn how to pick the perfect home fan for your space from the helpful team at Ace.

Choosing the Best Household Fan for Your Needs

Whether you need extra fresh air on days when your air conditioner is working super-hard or you're working in a home office with poor air circulation, the right air circulator can help you instantly feel better whenever temperatures get too high for comfort. Ace Hardware carries the best selection of high-velocity fans to deliver the cooling air you're looking for when you're feeling a bit warm. When deciding on a home fan that will best suit your needs and space, consider the following important factors.

The Size of Your Space

For smaller rooms and home offices, the slim profile of an oscillating fan might be ideal. Oscillating tower fans often have tall, slender silhouettes that fit nicely into compact spaces and corners. For larger areas, you may need a box or drum fan with bigger blades to move the air throughout the space. 

The Power Level You Need

Depending on how and where you plan to use the air circulator, you'll want to take into account the capacity of cooling power the fan can produce. For example, if you're searching for the best household fan to use in a particularly warm space like a garage or workshop, a high-velocity fan typically offers higher airflow efficiency than standard electric household fans. On the other hand, smaller desktop home fans conveniently sit atop desks and countertops for a subtle breeze without compromising much-needed space in confined areas of the home.

Features You Want in Your Household Fan

No matter where your plan to use your fan, you'll want to look for certain features to suit your preferences. Some oscillating fans provide a choice of patterns and speeds for a more customized experience. Other home fans come equipped with programmable timers, remote control access, multiple fan speeds and adjustable airflow direction.

Household Fan Style and Design

Besides factoring where and how you plan to use your electric household fan, think about the style and design that works best for your space. 

Traditional Box Fans

If you require targeted air flow, box fans can keep you cool in everyday situations. Box fans are often placed in bedrooms, home offices, workshops and other areas where ease of portability is essential. 

Drum Fans

Used for a variety of cooling applications, drum fans are typically constructed with heavy duty materials and reliable motors suitable for performance in tough environments. Drum fans are great for industrial or agricultural settings where people, animals or machinery need to be cooled. 

Window Home Fans

These electric household fans are designed to circulate fresh air into your space when placed inside the frame of the window. Window fans can also help expel odors and smoke from your kitchen during meal preparation, too. 

Tower Fans

Although they only take up minimal space, sleek tower fans rotate back and forth to provide targeted cooling air all day long. These contemporary-looking fans are ideal for bedrooms, apartments and areas with minimal floor space.

Additional fan options include oscillating pedestal fans, tabletop fans, blower fans and wall-mount options. 

Choose from our large selection of drum fans, electric box fans and floor fans to cool off your home and ensure that family and friends feel more comfortable during hot and humid days. Shop the collection of home fans from Ace Hardware now, and get the right extension cords to keep your new household fans powered and ready to go.