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About Christmas Tree Stands

For most homeowners, decorating for the holidays starts with the Christmas tree. Whether you own an artificial tree or put up a fresh Christmas tree each year, having the right base to support it is essential. That's why Ace carries a wide variety of Christmas tree stands to hold your tree up all season long. Shop now to find the best Christmas tree holder for your real or artificial decoration.

Christmas Tree Stands for Real Trees

Having a freshly cut tree picked right off the lot creates several cherished holiday memories. If you count yourself among the real tree enthusiasts, you'll need a heavy-duty Christmas tree stand that will support the weight of a live tree.

Shop Ace to find a Christmas tree stand to hold your live tree:

  • Classic Christmas Tree Stands: These stands are made of heavy-duty metal and steel clamps to hold large trees in place. They also include an easy watering system to make your tree last as long as possible.
  • XXL Tree Stands: These stands are designed specifically to hold oversized trees with ease. Look for heavy steel options for extra support, especially if you'll be decorating with heavy ornaments.
  • Revolving or Rotating Tree Stands: These stands make decorating all areas of your tree easy. You can also rotate your tree throughout the season to ensure each decoration has a chance to stand out.
  • Lightweight Plastic Christmas Tree Bases: These stands are ideal for trees under five feet. They can also be used for miniature trees sitting on table tops.

Helpful Hint: Look for tree stands with an easy watering system. That way, you can keep your Christmas tree looking fresh without having a puddle of water on your floor.

Artificial Tree Stands

Artificial trees tend to weight much less than their natural counterparts, but they can still get heavy when loaded down with lights, tinsel, garland and ornaments. Shop Ace to find artificial tree stands to keep your tree upright all season long.

Simple Plastic Stands

These stands are designed to be put together in minutes. That way, you can set up your artificial tree quickly and get started on decorating.

  • Rolling Christmas Tree Stands: These stands make decorating easy. Display your tree in any room, and then move it to a different area with a simple push to rearrange your holiday décor.
  • Tree Stands with Built-In Mats: These stands make your artificial tree look more natural. While you shop, check for options with red mats to add to the seasonal décor in your space.

To get into the holiday spirit with the people you care about, there's nothing quite like decorating your tree. Shop Ace Hardware to find the right Christmas tree stand for miniature, small and large trees to prepare for this holiday season. Then, shop our variety of LED light show options to make your decorations pop with festive, fun colors.