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About Oil Lamps

Although most homes today rely on electrical lighting, oil lamps still have a place in modern times. Today’s oil lamps are great for decoration as well as emergency lighting during power outages. At Ace, you’ll find several oil lamps and all of the necessary accessories.

One essential component to oil lamps is lamp oil. Although there is a variety to choose from, perhaps the most popular is paraffin lamp oil. This type of oil has a clean burn and is scentless, smokeless and odorless. Other essential components are lamp oil wicks, which get submerged in and absorb the lamp oil. Part of the wick is exposed at the top of the lamp, which can be ignited once enough oil has been absorbed. 

If you’re looking for an oil lamp for more decorative purposes, glass oil lamps are a good route to go. These lamps come in different shapes and colors and can make a great complement to any room in your home. 

Whether you’re looking for decorative lighting accents or just extra emergency lighting, an oil lamp is a good addition to your home.