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About Indoor/Outdoor Clothes Dryers & Accessories

              Reduce your energy bills with money saving clothes dryers and accessories from Ace. Ace carries clotheslines and clothes drying racks that allow you to dry your laundry without using electricity, saving you money on your next utility bill. Drying racks also help keep delicate fabrics looking new by avoiding the sometimes harsh heat of an electric dryer. 

Whether you prefer to line-dry your laundry in the open air of your backyard, or have garments that require special care, Ace offers drying accessories ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor umbrella clotheslines allow for hanging a large quantity of clothing in a small outdoor space. These clotheslines fold up when not in use as well. Retractable clotheslines are another space-saving solution. These clotheslines attach to a clothesline pole, deck or any other stationary object and can retract back into their housing when not in use. Accordion and tiered drying racks are ideal for drying clothes indoors. These dryers hold a large quantity of clothing and fold up for easy storage under the bed or in a closet when not in use. And remember to get clothespins to hold all your clothes in place!

Save your money and your clothing with clothes dryers, laundry soap and accessories from Ace. From outdoor clotheslines to indoor drying racks, we have all you need to keep your utility bill low the next time you do laundry. For more information check out this guide on how to choose laundry supplies.