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Keep your kitty comfy and your house smelling fresh with cat litter and litter boxes from Ace. Shop a selection of different kitty litter types to find the right fit for your cat, as well as all the litter boxes, liners and mats you'll need for your setup. 

Types of Cat Litter

Find the perfect solution for your home with a variety of kitty litter types and features in our wide selection: 

  • Scented: Bring a light, clean smell to your home with scented kitty litter. Browse safe, chemical-free options that fight odors and leave your cat litter box smelling fresh all day.  
  • Unscented: Tackle bad smells with odor-sealing cat litter in unscented varieties. Look for options with natural ingredients like baking soda to destroy odors and leave your litter box clean and scent-free. 
  • Natural: Whether you're looking for allergy-safe litter or simply seeking a natural product, Ace offers a selection of specially formulated natural cat litters. 
  • Clumping: Make scooping a breeze with hard clumping litter. Find scented and unscented options that make cleaning the litter box quick, easy and fresh. 
  • Low dust: Clouds of dust can make cleaning a challenge. Skip the mess with low dust and low tracking cat litter options.  
  • Multi-cat: If you have more than one kitty, multi-cat litter is designed to handle the increased traffic from the multiple felines.
  • Rabbit and rodent litter: For critters other than cats, try wood shavings that can double as litter and pet bedding. 

Litter Boxes, Liners and Mats

Create a clean oasis for your kitty with cat litter boxes in a variety of sizes and styles. Browse simple litter pans that are great for small spaces, or shop larger designs with rims and covers to help prevent spills. Discover a selection of helpful designs and features to keep your space clean, including:

  • High-sided litter boxes to combat litter scatter.
  • Antimicrobial protection to minimize odors.
  • A reinforced bottom to prevent spills and breaks.
  • Low fronts for easy access.
  • And more!

Once you're all set with the perfect litter box, add in some helpful accessories to make cleaning even easier. Shop heavy-duty litter box liners made from sturdy materials, with jumbo size options for all-in-one cleaning. 

Complete your space with a cat litter mat made from comfortable material that's easy on the paws. Browse flexible designs that trap litter to keep it from tracking through the house, then simply shake or vacuum the mat to keep your home tidy.

Even the best-behaved pets can sometimes make a mess. That's why Ace carries a range of mess and odor-fighting products that are ready for any situation. Whether you've got a dog, cat or another furry friend, our stain and odor removers are formulated to tackle even the toughest messes. 

Find everything you need to keep your pet's space clean and fresh with cat litter, litter boxes, cleaning products and more at Ace Hardware.