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To repay them for the love and loyalty they show you, provide your pets with the most comfortable place to eat, sleep and play with the right pet house from Ace Hardware. Shop our selection of pet carriers to transport your pets with greater ease, or choose from our selection of cozy pet houses and crates to ensure your cat, dog or rabbit has a secure place to relax and unwind.

All pets and pet parents have different housing situations and needs. Learn how to pick the best pet kennel or house for your furry friend with help from Ace.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Pet Housing for Your Pup

While some families keep their pets inside most of the time, your pup might appreciate the option to rest outside on bright and sunny days. Dog houses give your furry friends a cozy place to enjoy the great outdoors even while unattended. A dog kennel can help also prevent your best friend from getting into too much mischief while basking in the sun. Not only can a quality-made dog kennel provide a safe place from dangers and weather, but it can also protect other people and animals from your dog, too.

Differences Between Dog Kennels, Dog Houses and Dog Crates

To help you narrow down your choice for the perfect housing solution for your dog, start by understanding the basic differences between dog kennels, dog houses and dog crates.

  • Dog Kennels: Outdoor dog kennels allow dogs to get some fresh air and stretch their legs while remaining confined in a secure area. These larger structures let you leave your pooch outside to play for a while without the risk of it running off or getting into trouble while you're not looking. 
  • Dog Houses: These outdoor pet houses for dogs are great options for homeowners with backyards. A dog house provides a temporary safe haven against the snow, rain, ice, sun and other weather conditions until your dog is ready to come inside. 
  • Dog Crates: Pet carriers and pet crates for dogs are designed primarily for travel and training purposes. A pet carrier can offer a safer solution to traveling via car or plane while a dog crate provides a safe and secure private space in your home.

Pet Carries for Feline Friends

Just like their canine counterparts, cats are natural-born hunters that appreciate both the great outdoors and their indoor private spaces alike. Cat houses and pet crates provide feline friends with the ability to have a safe and cozy hideaway, whether indoors or out. When transporting your favorite pet to and from the vet or on a vacation getaway, a hard-sided pet carrier can enable your cat to travel in maximum comfort and safety, too.

For even more animal friends, find rabbit hutches and housing as well as the tools and feeders you'll need to give them the ideal setup.

Make sure your furry family member is as relaxed and comfortable as possible by shopping the variety of pet kennels and houses at Ace Hardware. Then, fill your new crate or kennel with absorbent wood flake animal bedding or keep your pet warm and cozy with our array of super-soft pet beds.

Find the right size pet house for your pet at Ace Hardware today.