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As much as you love your furry friend, accidents can happen without warning. Fortunately, Ace Hardware carries a large array of pet odor and stain removers to keep your floors and carpets smelling fresh and protected against a variety of mishaps.

Be prepared in case of accidents by stocking up on the right pet stain removers. Read on to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pet odor removers.

How Do Pet Stain Remover Sprays and Cleaners Work?

Just as there are good bacteria for your body, many pet urine removers work by using good bacteria such as enzymes to target organic matter like pet waste. As the healthy bacteria consume the waste, odors and stains dissipate, leaving a clean and fresh smelling scent behind. Dog and cat pet odor and stain removers are usually designed to combat:

  • Urine
  • Feces
  • Vomit
  • Drool
  • Other stains and odors

Are Pet Odor Removers Safe to Use?

Your pet is a member of the family, so it only makes sense that shopping for an effective yet safe pet and odor stain remover is a top priority. Many pet odor removers at Ace are made with non-toxic, pet- and child-friendly products that are safe to use on hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, fabrics and more.

What are Enzyme-Based Pet Stain Removers?

Enzyme-based pet urine cleaners have become increasingly popular because they're often much safer and more effective than some chemical-based cleaners. Here's a basic breakdown of just a few benefits of enzymatic pet stain removers:

  • Enzymes, which are microorganisms, are able to get into even the tiniest spaces to offer a thorough cleaning.
  • Enzyme-based pet urine remover products are typically safer for the environment than some chemical-based cleaners.
  • Enzymes attach themselves to a variety of protein-based staining agents and help to break down the molecules that cause stains and odors.

Picking the Right Dog or Cat Urine Remover for You

When it comes to choosing the right pet odor and stain remover product for you, consider the following factors:

The Type of Pet Urine Remover

Depending on what you need to clean, some pet urine removers might work better than others. For example, enzymatic cleaners offer an amazing, biological solution to pet-related accidents, but they're a relatively new type of cleaner on the market. For that reason, if you opt for an enzyme-based cleaner, test a small surface area before use to ensure staining doesn't occur.

Other pet stain and odor removers are designed for use with deep cleaning carpet machines. These pet urine cleaners are often concentrated and designed to deter remarking by your pet.

The Cleaning Surface

The type of surface you need to clean will most likely have an impact on the pet stain remover you'll need. For the most part, cleaning surfaces can be broken down into hard and soft surfaces. The pet urine remover that might work best on carpets, for instance, might not be as effective for hardwood or tile surfaces. Before choosing a pet stain remover spray or product, carefully review the instructions provided on the back of the product to make sure staining won't occur.  

Shop Ace Hardware for the best inventory of cat urine remover, dog urine cleaner, pet odor eliminators and more to take care of troubling pet stains and odors. Then, keep your furry family members looking their best by exploring our array of pet grooming supplies.