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A perfect lawn is something to be proud of, but keeping it looking tidy shouldn't take up all your time and energy. An EGO lawn mower from Ace has the cutting power and flexibility to mow your lawn in minutes, leaving you free to enjoy your yard to the fullest.

EGO Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers 

The EGO battery-powered lawn mower range offers all the mobility and reliability of electric lawn mowers to give the closest grass cuts in the shortest time. Powered by an EGO 56-volt lithium battery, they provide a long run time on a single charge, without the inconvenience and dangers of trailing a cord. And to make mowing as easy as possible, the powerful motor delivers all the torque and cutting efficiency of a gasoline engine, but without the noise, fumes or maintenance.

Manual Push and Self-Propelled Mowers 

A manual push mower is a straightforward and easy-to-use option that relies on the force of your physical push to move. It’s a great option for smaller areas and helps you enjoy the electric power of EGO at a lower cost.
If you have a bigger lawn to mow, an EGO self-propelled mower makes short work of even the largest areas and is also convenient for mowing on gradients or uneven ground. EGO self-propelled mowers feature one-touch start button for quick and reliable operation, along with easy speed management using palm pressure for continuous control.

EGO Lawn Mower Features 

With cutting widths of up to 21 inches, EGO power lawn mowers offer a great balance between mowing power and lightweight construction for easy movement. Built from rugged steel, they're weatherproof for year-round operation and fold down for compact storage when not in use. Our EGO mower models are also fitted with energy-efficient, bright LED headlights so your grass cutting isn't limited to the daylight hours.

Mulching and Bagging Capability 

EGO mowers have the flexibility you need to handle different lengths of lawn grass. Using adjustable cutting heights and multi-purpose blades, an EGO power mower can trim your lawn with fine control for an even finish, or power through longer grass with ease. The mower will finely shred lawn clippings for efficient bagging or mulching, with either side discharge or automatic collection with quick access to contents for disposal.

EGO Mower Blades 

Keep your investment working at full power with our range of genuine EGO mower blades. We stock 20- and 21-inch replacement mower blades to fit seamlessly into your EGO mower. To add the perfect finishing touch to your lawn, choose from our trimmers and edgers for tidying up hard-to-reach spots after mowing. 

Shop EGO Lawn Mowers at Ace Hardware

Lawn mowers are an important investment, so if you need any help or advice on which models and features are best for you, our expert Ace staff will be happy to help you choose. And with our affordable prices, free in-store or curbside pickup, or speedy home delivery that's free for Ace Rewards members, we'll help you get your EGO power mower sooner and for less.