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About Axes

At a time when many power tools are king, hand tools still remain the top choice for several indoor and outdoor tasks. Hand axes, for example, are used for splitting wood, breaking through barriers and cleaning out dense vines or brush. 

Chopping axes are often a go-to tool for wood stove owners needing to build up their fuel supply. Rather than purchasing their logs or using a log splitter, these splitting axes can be quite efficient with properly sharpened blades and provide the physical exertion many people enjoy.

Smaller versions of these axes can be easily packed and carried on camping trips. It’s helpful to have camping axes on hand if you need to prepare and gather your own firewood or even build a shelter in the wilderness.

Whether you’re chopping, splitting, landscaping or building, let Ace help you find the right axe you need for the job. For more information, check out our axes guide, including a helpful reference to the different types of axes and mauls available.