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About Edging & Fencing

Landscape edging tools and border fences can help define and refine your backyard and outdoor spaces to truly impressive effect. These handy tools can even keep your plants and edibles safe from cute but problematic garden pests like bunny rabbits, deer and even overly-rambunctious kids.

Shop Ace Hardware today to find edging and fencing supplies for your backyard and garden areas. Use the search tool to sort by category, price, featured items, top-rated products and more.

Create Your Outdoor Space

Lawn edging can do a lot when it comes to creating an outdoor space that looks well-maintained and purpose-designed. Using lawn edging and landscape fencing can be a little confusing for many novice buyers though. 

Use these tips from Ace Hardware when shopping for the right lawn edging:

  • Consider which materials will look best on your property. Lawn edging comes in a variety of materials like natural stone, including fieldstone and flagstone. Cedar and other natural wood edging varieties are also available.
  • Think about the height of your edging and use a tape measure to find out what's right for your space. Lawn edging ranges in height from about 4" to 20" or more.
  • Purchase the right length of edging for your outdoor space. Measure and mark your lawn before shopping to ensure you get the right amount needed for installation.

Helpful Hint: Consider easy-to-install edging options if you're taking on a lawn edging project alone. If you have a large yard, edging can become a big task that can get overwhelming in a hurry.

Give Your Garden Style

Your garden might be home to beautiful, colorful flowers and delicious, edible fruits and vegetables, but when it comes to visual appeal, garden borders and edging can add that little something extra you've been looking for.

Use these tips to choose the right garden edging for your backyard oasis:

  • Choose a garden border fence that is the right height for your specific area. Garden edging typically comes in heights between 12" and 18". Make sure your garden edging doesn't block low flowers or plants from view.
  • Use natural stone or wood lawn edging for large vegetable gardens or areas with flowers. These create a natural pathway and space for gusts to admire your garden area.
  • Consider white picket fence garden edging. This classic style will look great in almost any setting, from traditional homes to more contemporary garden areas.
  • Add mesh fence borders to keep small animals like rabbits out of your fruit and vegetable gardens.

Picking the right landscape edging and garden border fence can turn an average space into a truly stunning one. Shop Ace to find a variety of choices to suit your needs, décor and budget.