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When spreading grass seeds, soil conditioners, fertilizers or pesticides, a fertilizer spreader is a must-have piece of equipment. Ace Hardware carries the best selection of seed and fertilizer spreaders. Use the following helpful guide to learn about the most common types of fertilizer and seed spreaders to help you choose the right option for your lawn needs.

What is a Lawn Fertilizer Spreader?

Before discussing the different types of fertilizer spreaders that are available, understanding how these important gardening tools work can be useful. 
Seed and fertilizer spreaders are designed to evenly disperse materials over large areas. While applying grass seed, pesticides, fertilizer or other products is an important part of lawn maintenance. When spreading fertilizers, seeds or pesticides by hand it is common to either spread them too sparsely or too concentrated in some areas. Irregular application of certain garden materials could actually harm your lawn versus benefit it. Lawn seed spreaders make it easier to even spread and control the exact amount of materials that are being dispersed to help lawn prevent damage.

Broadcast Spreaders Vs. Drop Spreaders

The best fertilizer spreader for you will depend on the size of your lawn and the type of lawn care product you're looking to spread. Although there are several types of fertilizer spreaders, most fall within two categories:

Broadcast Spreaders

The most common type of lawn seed spreaders, broadcast spreaders are a great option for applying lawn care products across larger areas. Most broadcast spreaders are designed to spray around three to four feet, which makes lawn maintenance easy. Higher-end broadcast spreaders often include the ability to adjust the distance and direction of the spread.

Drop Spreaders

Drop spreaders often have larger holding bins than broadcast spreaders. These grass seed spreaders are good for precision applications of fertilizer or seed. An ideal option for spot fixing specific lawn problem areas. Drop spreaders can be pushed directly over areas without the worry of spreading material all over the rest of the lawn.

Types of Seed and Fertilizer Spreaders

Many fertilizer spreaders are built similarly and have several of the same features, regardless of model. Most have a large bin that holds the lawn care product accompanied by a mechanism that disperses the product. As you move the lawn fertilizer spreader across your yard, the product is dispersed at your desired application rate through an opening. The most common types of seed and fertilizer spreaders include:

Handheld Seed Spreaders

The most lightweight fertilizer spreader option, hand seed spreaders are also the easiest type to use. To use this type of lawn fertilizer spreader, simply load some material into the bin and turn the crank handle to disperse the product.

While hand seed spreaders offer ease of use and portability, they don't hold as much material or spread the material as far as other types. For that reason, they may not be the best lawn spreader option for larger projects.

Tow-Behind Lawn Seed Spreaders

Tow-behind or pull-behind lawn seed spreaders are large-capacity, wheeled models that can be attached to an ATV or tractor. With their spacious bin capacities and greater spread distances, these fertilizer spreaders are great heavy-duty options for very large areas.
Push Seed and Fertilizer Spreaders

These grass seed spreaders are wheeled models that can be useful for covering spacious areas. As their wheels rotate, a built-in mechanism disperses the lawn care product easily and evenly.

Shop the impressive selection of quality-made seed and fertilizer spreaders at Ace Hardware. Then, curate a perfectly manicured lawn by learning how to use lawn spreaders and sprayers from the experts at Ace Hardware.