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You rely on your chainsaw to tackle everything from basic jobs like hedge trimming to complex projects like tree trimming. Keep your gas, battery and electric chainsaws running at peak performance with must-have chainsaw parts and tools from Ace Hardware. We carry a large inventory of chainsaw sharpeners, grease guns and replacement parts to help you get the job done with maximum efficiency.

Not sure which chainsaw tools and accessories you'll need? Use this guide to learn more about the chainsaw accessories and replacement parts available.

Common Types of Chainsaw Parts and Accessories 

Most chainsaws come with a scrench to perform basic maintenance. Some models also include carrying cases, blade guards, an extra chain and sharpening jigs. If you lose any of these accessories or they get worn down, you can always purchase chainsaw replacement parts that fit your specific model.

Keep these common chainsaw parts and accessories on-hand for regular chainsaw maintenance and efficient performance.

Chainsaw Sharpeners and Files 

If you've ever tried to use a dull knife in the kitchen, you probably realized it's very difficult to make clean cuts. The same is true when it comes to chainsaws -- to cut through thick materials, you'll need a chainsaw teeth sharpener to maintain the tool’s cutting power. The right chainsaw chain sharpener and file make quick work of getting a dull chain back into great shape so you can tackle tough jobs.

Chainsaw Grease Guns 

Apply chainsaw grease to the bar's nose bearings with less hassle using a handy chainsaw grease gun. These tools let you get deep into the bearings and come preloaded with grease for easy application. Grease guns help prevent premature wear and tear, especially on the saw's guide bar noses.

Chainsaw Chains 

It's impossible to operate chainsaws without the right bars and chains. The appropriate chainsaw chain can make cutting easier and faster. An excellent choice for smaller chainsaws, a narrow kerf chain makes thinner, narrower cuts. These chains are ideal for jobs like cutting small branches and performing general landscape maintenance. On the other hand, low-profile chains make shallower cuts. With its lightweight construction, a low-profile chain puts less strain on the engine.


If you use your chainsaw for tree felling, beware that a tree that falls in the wrong direction could put you at risk of injury. Wedges help with felling trees in the direction you want to keep you and your home safe. After making a partial cut in the tree's trunk, simply position the wedge in the direction that you don't want the tree to fall and make your cut.

Safety Gear 

Projects that require a chainsaw can be fun yet potentially dangerous. Keep yourself protected with the right chainsaw safety gear. Start with a pair of safety goggles to shield your eyes from flying debris, then add a helmet that protects your head against accidental injuries, bruises and cuts. Look for a helmet with an integrated earmuff system that protects your ears from the loud noise of sawing and cutting. Finally, stay safeguarded against accidental cuts with safety chaps.

Shop the selection of chainsaw parts and accessories at Ace Hardware, then explore our large inventory of outdoor power equipment for all your big landscaping projects.