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Gas cans are an essential purchase for operating certain types of outdoor power equipment. We stock a full range of gas cans, including both metal to plastic options, to keep your gas-fueled tools running smoothly. Learn everything you need to know about choosing the right gas container from the experts here at Ace Hardware! 

Metal Gas Cans vs. Plastic Gas Cans

Since gasoline is a highly flammable liquid, it needs to be stored in approved safety cans – these can be made of metal or plastic. Both plastic and metal cans have spring-loaded caps that close the spout when released. Gasoline vapors can be very harmful to your health if they're inhaled, so the spring tension in the cap provides a tight seal so the vapors don't leak. 

Plastic Cans

Plastic gas cans make an excellent choice because they don't rust like metal cans and, in the event of a fire, they will melt, not explode. They can also handle exposure to the sun better than metal cans. Plastic cans are made from a polyresin blend that's thick enough to resist denting. This is important, as denting can lead to oxygen exposure. The main dilemma with plastic cans is gas has been known to leak into the plastic over time.  

Metal Cans

Metal gas cans tend to be easier to store, have a longer shelf life and are a favored option for businesses because they're sturdy, resilient and lightweight. Metal cans are also a better choice for storage situations that involve changing weather conditions, while plastic cans are a safer option for hotter environments.

What to Look for in a Gas Can

We carry a selection of premium metal and plastic gas cans to suit your project needs. Our gas cans come in a range of sizes with varying caps and spouts for easy, no-spill use. Check out our full selection of gas cans with the following features and options:

  • Hose siphons and nozzle attachments: These pieces help you refill your power tool safely and efficiently. Look for a portable container that makes fueling on the go easier.
  • A sturdy and comfortable handle: Find cans with built-in handle designs that make it easy to grip and carry your gas.
  • Can design: Consider the shape and size of the can for easy use and efficient storage in your space. Some cans come in round, cylindrical shapes, while others feature a rectangular design.
  • Capacity: Estimate how many gallons of gas are required for your project to determine the can capacity you need. We offer one-gallon cans up to 14-gallon fuel containers.
  • Price: Most of our gas cans range from 15 to 140 dollars. Shop by price to find a gas can that fits your budget.
  • Material: Choose from metal, plastic or steel cans to store your gasoline. 
  • Safety: Look for cans with no-spill designs, Flame Shield protection and childproof caps.

In addition to containers for housing gasoline, we also offer kerosene cans in multiple capacities.

Visit your local Ace Hardware store for more information and to find the right gas can and any other supplies and toolboxes you need for your project. Still having trouble? Ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members for advice. We are here to help you make the right purchase.