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Dealing with unwanted pests in your home and yard can be more than just annoying. When critters or certain insects make their way indoors, they can create unsanitary living conditions that put you and your family at risk. The most effective pest control solution begins outdoors, and Ace Hardware carries a variety of Scotts pest control products that help rid your outdoor space of unwanted visitors.

Scotts Pest & Insect Control 

Use these three helpful tips to make pest issues a thing of the past with the right Scotts lawn pest control products.

1.Identify the Lawn Pest 

Identifying the type of pest you're dealing with is the first step toward choosing the right Scotts pest control product. When it comes to lawn invaders there is not shortage of pests including grubs, beetles, hornets, ants, mice, rats and moles. 

For example, Scotts GrubEx prevents insects like grubs and Japanese beetles from causing serious damage to your lawn

Whereas if you are dealing with mice or rats, you will want to look for bait pellets free of synthetic pesticides that are safe for indoor or outdoor use such as Tom Cat rodent control. 

Many pests try to stay as out of sight as possible. If you're unable to get a good look at the insect or rodent, look for clues they might have left behind. The most obvious sign of a mouse or rat problem is droppings around entry points of the home. You might also notice sounds like scratching or gnawing, especially at night when rodents tend to be more active. If grubs are a problem in your yard, you'll probably notice brown patches or wilted grass blades.

2.Search for Entry Points into Your Home 

Before applying a Scotts bug killer or pest control product, find and block entry points into your house to prevent reinfestation after you've applied the treatment. Pests like ants, roaches and spiders can easily make their way through even the smallest breaches. Mice and rats can chew their way into the home, too. Below you’ll find some of the most common entry points for pests. 

  • Around Doors: Look for spaces around doorways where pests can squeeze through, such as damaged weather stripping or cracked caulking. 
  • Around Windows: Check the seals around your windows so breaches won't allow critters to get inside. 
  • The Roof: Damage or rot to soffits or the fascia can leave large cracks big enough for pests to come inside. 

3.Choose the Correct Scotts Pest Control Product 

Choosing the correct pest or insect control product is easier than you might think. After you've figured out which type of pest you're dealing with, simply choose the product that's designed with your problem in mind by looking for your pest on the label. 

Scotts Pest and Animal Repellents 

Be more proactive versus reactive with Scotts insect and rodent/animal repellent products. Simply incorporate Scotts into your lawn maintenance to help prevent the invasion of insect pests and rodents. Prepare for outdoor events with a fresh application of an insect repellent to help reduce insect invasion during your event. 

Scotts even has solutions to help keep deer out of your yard to prevent them from damaging your garden or shrubs with their animal repellents. 

Scotts Bugs & Animal Traps 

If you prefer a chemical free pest removal approach you can chose a Scotts bug or animal trap. Scotts traps are a great option if you have small children or pets, you do not want to risk coming into contact with insecticides or pest control chemicals. 

From everyday problems like grubs and beetles to hornets to vermin like mice and rats, Ace Hardware carries the Scotts pest control products you need to get rid of pests. Shop online or in-store now, then purchase the spreaders, sweepers and sprayers you'll need to rid your lawn and home of pests for good.