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Scotts® has your gardening needs covered. Keep your mulch bed and lawns beautiful all year long.

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The right soil can make all the difference to your garden's health and productivity. Give your plants the care they deserve with Scotts lawn soil, conditioners and mulch from Ace Hardware. Explore a selection of top-quality garden soils and potting mixes for all-purpose and specialty gardening, then keep your soil healthy with Scotts foundation soil conditioner. Finish off with fertilizer and lawn food to keep your yard looking beautiful all year long. 

Choosing the Right Garden Soil 

Whether you’re nourishing your houseplants, starting a container garden or wanting to brighten the look of your garden soil, Scotts potting soil and topsoil will do the job. Find the right soil for any garden type. 

Scotts In-Ground Gardening Soil

Improve the composition of your existing garden soil with all-purpose in-ground soil. Added nutrients support plant growth for up to three months, helping you grow beautiful flowers, vegetables, trees and more. 

Scotts Raised Bed Soil

Stimulate the growth of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs with raised bed soil. The pre-mixed blend comes ready to use, making it a quick and easy solution for raised bed gardening.  

Scotts Potting Mix

Mixes are designed with the health of your plants in mind. Support indoor and outdoor container gardening with versatile potting mix that can nourish plants for up to six months.  

Once you've found the right soil for your gardening style, explore specialty soils to support different plant species, including: 

  • Cacti and succulents 
  • Trees and shrubs 
  • Roses 
  • Orchids 
  • Vegetables and herbs 

How to Use Scotts Mulch

Add beauty to your landscaping while minimizing weed growth with Scotts mulch from Ace. Mulch is a great way to promote moisture retention in your garden soil while blocking the growth of weeds and grass in your garden. Colored mulch also adds a stylish and functional touch to your gardening and makes a stunning addition to flower beds and around trees and shrubs. Browse Scotts brown mulch for a natural look or try red bark or black bark to complement your garden. 

Scotts Lawn and Garden Soil Conditioners

Once you've found the right soil for your garden, keep it performing at its best with Scotts soil conditioner. Soil conditioners help improve the efficiency of your garden by driving water to the plant roots, reducing water waste while simultaneously supporting plant health. Try sprinkle-on and spray-on applications to make soil conditioning a breeze. 

Scotts Fertilizer and Lawn Food 

Your lawn benefits from a boost in nutrients just as much as your garden, so keep your lawn lush and green with Scotts fertilizer and lawn food. Scotts offers a selection of fertilizers to stimulate your lawn at any stage, from starter fertilizers for newly-planted grass to four-step systems for all-season protection. Ace also carries a selection of combination herbicides and fertilizers that promote lawn growth while discouraging unwanted species like dandelion and crabgrass. 

Browse options for Scotts topsoil, potting soil and more, then explore a variety of mulch colors to fit any yard. Find everything you need to keep your garden and lawn flourishing online or at your local Ace.