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Whether you're a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to tackle weekend projects, Stihl battery-powered tools are made to deliver the power you need to get the job done on a single charge. Quality-crafted Stihl battery tools offer the combined benefits of longevity and performance.

Find a large variety of Stihl battery tools at Ace Hardware to finish every job with optimal efficiency, regardless of the task at hand. Learn more about the different Stihl battery options to identify the best tools for your next project.

Three Stihl Battery Platforms 

No two projects are the same, so Stihl battery-powered tools are made to accommodate the specific needs of each user. The Stihl battery powered tool line includes three different tiers of performance to match your unique demands:

  1. Convenient Stihl Battery AI Series - The ideal solution for consumers with small yards, Stihl tools in the AI series feature integrated batteries that remain in place, eliminating the need for separate chargers. Small and lightweight, AI series Stihl tools are incredibly efficient and competitively priced.
  2. Value-Packed Stihl Battery AK Series - Ideal for maintaining larger suburban yards, Stihl tools in the AK series are a step up in power from Stihl's AI series. These tools feature multiple battery options and often appeal to consumers who need plenty of torque but prefer a more lightweight option than semi-professional tools.
  3. Powerful Stihl Battery AP Series - For keeping larger properties with plenty of foliage looking their best, Stihl battery tools from the AP series deliver. These Stihl battery tools have longer run times and are made for maximum performance.

Popular Types of Stihl Battery Tools

Stihl battery-powered products push technology to new heights of dependability and efficiency. These tools are designed to start instantly and are easy to operate and maintain. While our collection of Stihl battery products is expansive, some of our most popular Stihl battery tools include:

Stihl Battery-Powered Weed Eaters

These easy-to-use tools offer Stihl quality at value prices. Look for Stihl battery-powered weed eaters with:

  • Adjustable shaft lengths that offer a customized fit for each user.
  • Adaptable trimmer heads that can be modified to tackle a variety of trimming tasks.
  • Six-position loop handles that ensure excellent balance for quick maneuvering.

Still Battery Mowers

Compact and incredibly quiet, Stihl battery lawn mowers are made to cut your grass and your carbon emissions. With no gas or inconvenient cords to deal with, mowing the lawn while making an environmentally conscious choice has never been easier.

Stihl Battery String Trimmers

Stihl battery string trimmers offer easy portability and maneuverability. Certain models are equipped with AutoCut® features that feed out new line with a simple tap on the ground. When shopping our line of Stihl battery string trimmers, look for options with adjustable shafts for increased comfort and commercial-grade electric motors for exceptional performance and durability.

Where to Find Stihl Battery Tools

From mowing the lawn and trimming hedges to clearing leaves and pruning plants, Stihl battery-powered tools are always up to the challenge. Ace Hardware is the place to visit for an incredible variety of Stihl lawn and garden products. Browse our array of Stihl battery-powered tools today.