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Comfortable, lightweight and powerful, Stihl electric tools are made for hard work and high performance. Ace Hardware carries a broad selection of top-quality Stihl electric tools so you can find the right Stihl electric-powered tool for your needs right here.  

Stihl Electric Tools 

Because of their continuous power, Stihl electric-powered tools are strong enough to cut through the toughest materials while delivering constant torque. Explore some of the many benefits of using Stihl electric tools:


Due to their steady power source, Stihl electric tools are designed to perform reliably. Unlike cordless power tools that may begin to lose power and consistency with prolonged use, Stihl electric tools are made to perform with 100-percent power all the time.


Because of their tendency to lose power over time, not all cordless power tools are capable of handling more tedious jobs. On the other hand, Stihl electric tools have a dedicated power source that allows the tools to handle even the most rigorous tasks with maximum efficiency. 

Performance Time

When time is of the essence, a Stihl electric-powered tool lets you continue to work without disruption. Once a Stihl electric tool is plugged into an electrical socket, there's no need to worry about having to recharge it. That means you won't have to stop working until you're completely finished with the project.   

Popular Stihl Electric Tools

Stihl electric tools can be used to accomplish virtually any project with greater ease and less hassle. These tools are renowned for their dependability and high-capacity performance, making them an ideal choice for both homeowners and industry professionals. While our inventory of Stihl electric-powered tools is expansive, some of our most popular options include the following types of products:

Stihl Electric Handheld Leaf Blowers

No matter the season, Stihl electric handheld leaf blowers allow for quick and easy yard cleanup. Made with weekend warriors in mind, these lightweight blowers effortlessly power through walkways and cluttered spaces. Look for convenient features like:

  • Built-in cable strain reliefs that keep you continuously powered by preventing accidental disconnection.
  • Brushless motors that reduce vibration and deliver quiet performance.
  • Multi-function handles that let you adjust controls with your right or left hand.

Stihl Electric String Trimmers

When you're ready to tackle small to moderate yard projects, Stihl electric string trimmers are up to the task. Forget the hassle of mixing fuel or going through a rigorous starting procedure. A Stihl electric string trimmer is ready to operate as soon as you plug it in and squeeze the trigger.

Stihl Electric Chainsaws

Hard-working yet incredibly lightweight, Stihl electric chainsaws bring plenty of torque without the need for fuel mixing. These chainsaws are great for firewood cutting and trimming projects.

Where to Find Stihl Electric Tools

Ideal for handling multiple jobs, Stihl electric-powered tools deliver unprecedented power while minimizing exhaust emissions. Shop the selection of Stihl electric tools at Ace Hardware online or in-store today, then find a large variety of extension cords to keep your tools powered on and ready to go.