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Lightweight, durable and equipped to handle every heavy-duty project, Stihl gas trimmers, chainsaws, pole saws and other equipment features innovative technology that gets the job done fast and with less hassle. Tackle any task like a pro by shopping the array of Stihl gas-powered tools at Ace Hardware. 

Stihl Gas-Powered Tools

To successfully complete the job, you'll need the right equipment. While all Stihl outdoor powered equipment is built for the long haul, there may be certain situations where you might benefit more from Stihl gas-powered equipment.

Ace carries an array of Stihl gas-powered equipment to meet your unique demands. To help you narrow down your choices, read more information about the Stihl gas-powered tools to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Stihl Gas-Powered Equipment Features

When comparing gas and electric equipment, there's a big difference in performance. Equipment like Stihl gas trimmers and lawnmowers can cut through tougher grass and weeds with minimal effort. Additional benefits of Stihl gas-powered equipment include:

  • Durability: They're usually more durable than electric equipment.
  • Efficiency: Just a little bit of gas goes a long way.
  • Function: They let you take care of larger spaces without having to wait for a battery to charge.
  • Mobility: Their lack of cords means your freedom to move is never limited.

Types of Stihl Gas-Powered Equipment

Powerful enough to handle even the most rigorous jobs, Stihl gas-powered equipment allows you to manicure hedges, spruce up the lawn, trim trees and much more without the hassle of dealing with cords. Since you don't have to worry about battery life, you can move around without restriction and complete tougher jobs with greater efficiency. Our collection of Stihl gas-powered tools is expansive, but some of our most popular products include:

  • Stihl gas string trimmers: Clear brush or clean up your lawn with Stihl gas trimmers. Stihl gas hedge trimmers, Stihl gas weed eaters and Stihl gas edgers are lightweight, durable and perfect for heavy-duty tasks. 
  • Stihl gas chainsaws: Equipped with advanced technologies, Stihl gas chainsaws are made to ensure longer run times between refueling. These chainsaws have highly efficient engines and pre-separation air filtration systems that last up to five times longer than traditional chainsaw models. 
  • Stihl gas-powered leaf blowers: Clear your yard with less hassle with a Stihl gas-powered leaf blower. Look for fuel-efficient models with adaptive design features like adjustable telescopic tubes that offer a customized experience and adjustable control handles that provide the most comfortable position. 
  • Stihl gas pole saws: Cut out-of-reach branches and keep trees pruned with the right Stihl gas pole saw. Our pole saws and pruners make maintaining trees a more safe and hassle-free process.

Stihl is a trusted brand for homeowners and professionals who demand the ultimate longevity and performance from their power tools. Shop the selection of Stihl gas-powered tools at Ace Hardware now, and make sure you always have access to the fuel you need to power your new tool by browsing our line of gas cans.