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About Water Timers

Water timers make it possible to automatically water your lawn and garden on a recurring basis. Both mechanical and digital water timers help you maintain healthy plant growth, while freeing you up for other activities. These irrigation timers can also help you run your water more efficiently, by turning on and shutting off the flow within specific time periods.Hose timers, sometimes referred to as sprinkler timers, typically connect a hose, with a sprinkler attached, to the outdoor water spout. 

Here, they can control the water flow right from the source. If you need to water multiple locations in your yard, you can either set up more than one timer, which requires access to more than one outdoor faucet, or select a timer designed with multiple hose hook ups. Another popular option is to install an underground watering system controlled with an irrigation timer.

Ace Hardware can help you find the water timer you need. If you’re leaning toward a using a digital timer remember to purchase batteries to ensure it operates all season long. For more information, check out our watering guide or learn how to install a sprinkler system.