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About Ceiling Ventilation and Fans

If you want to regulate the temperature in your home without spending a lot on electricity, ceiling fans may be the right option. Modern ceiling fans use about the same power as a 100-watt light bulb, so you know your energy bills will not skyrocket. When used throughout your home, ceiling fans can help control the temperature year-round.

Fitting a ceiling fan into your existing home décor is easy with all of the styles, colors and sizes available at Ace. Take stock of the size and shape of the room before purchasing a new fan to install. Many people don’t realize they do not need a large fan for every space. Small ceiling fans are just as powerful but tend and take up much less ceiling space. 

The right size and style of ceiling fan exists for every room. For rooms with lower ceilings, consider using low profile ceiling fans. They have a smaller clearance off the ceiling and still circulate the air well. Low profile ceiling fans allow you to reap the benefits of a ceiling fan without the concern of a low-hanging obstruction. 

Ceiling fans are easy to install and are available in many attractive styles to compliment your home décor. By pairing a ceiling fan with a portable or window air conditioner, it is possible to cool an entire floor of your house. Maximize your heating and cooling efficiency with indoor ceiling fans to save money on electricity. 

Check out our guide to installing ceiling fans or talk to an expert at your local Ace Hardware store for more helpful information.