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Keeping your home's electrical system properly maintained is vital for safety, and with today's ever-increasing number of devices and gadgets drawing power, older installations are coming under more and more pressure. Our range of electrical boxes, breakers and fuses contains everything you need to maintain, upgrade or replace your home's electrical system for peace of mind and increased efficiency.

Electric Fuse Box and Fuses 

Fuses are the most fundamental safety feature in a home's electrical installation. They guard against surges that risk health or damage appliances, and also cut the power to a faulty device to protect against shocks, fire or other dangers.

Our range includes fuses with current ratings between 0.2 Amps and 600 Amps to fit your home electrical fuse box, with the capability to protect appliances of widely different power requirements. Also look for an electrical box with fuses rated from 32 Volts to 600 Volts for safe, reliable circuit breaking even under heavy loads.

We stock fast-acting fuses to cut the power immediately if the circuit overloads as well as time-delay electrical fuses to avoid premature tripping on circuits with high-capacitance devices such as electric motors.

Circuit Breakers for Safety and Convenience 

Circuit breakers offer the next level of safety by protecting whole sections of your home's electrical installation. If one appliance on a loop develops a fault, the circuit will break to prevent damage to the others. If the total power load starts to reach the safety design limits of the wiring, the juice will be cut off before any damage is done. But unlike a traditional fuse, you can simply reset a blown circuit breaker with the flip of a switch, with no need for rewiring or replacement.

Our circuit breakers fit into all standard electrical circuit breaker box designs and offer three types of protection: 

  • Standard switches, which break when the circuit is overloaded.
  • Ground fault breakers to protect against shocks from faulty appliances or wiring. 
  • Arc fault breakers to detect electrical arcing and cut the power to reduce the risk of fire