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About Two-Way Radios

Clear communication is crucial at construction sites. With walkie talkies from Ace Hardware, you'll have convenient interactions in the palm of your hand. Shop our full range of options, including Motorola two-way radios and headsets, to find the reliable devices you need to complete every job with ease.

Choosing the Walkie Talkies for You

Ace Hardware carries an excellent selection of walkie talkies. With several different features and designs to choose from, it's easy to find the unit you need for specific purposes. Take a few things into consideration when selecting the right system for you:

  • Range: Buy short-range two-way radios for projects around a home or construction site. If several miles of coverage is required for travel, emergency or outdoor adventures, shop our assortment of long-range radios.
  • Call Alerts: Find walkie talkies with call alerts to help you hear when you're receiving an incoming transmission. Typically, these options include a ringing or beeping sound to alert you to an incoming call.
  • Battery Type: Some radios use a rechargeable battery with plenty of power to make it through your entire shift. After work hours, plug these radios into their docking stations to recharge. If you prefer a full charge in a moment's notice, shop for two-way radios that require standard batteries.
  • Digital Displays: To make it easier to adjust settings, shop for units with large digital displays.
  • Number of Channels: Multiple channels allow for many conversations and setting options, providing a quick and easy conversation with multiple people on your crew without having to move around. If you have a full team, buy walkie talkies with several channels to ensure collaborative communication at the jobsite.

Helpful Hint: Make sure your two-way radios and digital radios are always ready for use by making a habit of charging them at night. Many of our units come with docking stations to make recharging your equipment easy.

In addition to these standard features, some walkie talkies have innovative qualities that make your job even easier. Shop our assortment to find two-way radios with:

  • Antimicrobial finishes
  • Waterproof designs
  • Hands-free operation
  • Programming options
  • Built-in weather radios

Accessories for Your Two-Way Radios

Make your walkie talkies even more functional and convenient with coordinating accessories. Browse our variety of two-way radio accessories to find these helpful items:

  • Earpieces: An earpiece directs the sound from your radio straight to your ear, making it easier to hear the person on the other end when you're working at a noisy jobsite.
  • Back-Up Batteries: Complete long work hours without worrying your battery will go out. Our selection of durable back-up batteries easily fit in a toolbox or glovebox to ensure you always have power nearby.
  • Spring Clip: Keep your hands free to work by adding a spring clip to the back of your radio. These clips easily attach to your belt and provide a secure hold while you complete projects.

Ideal for avid outdoorsmen, work site safety, travel, emergency preparedness and more, our assortment of two-way radios help you communicate with others to complete a job to perfection. Shop online or in-store at Ace today to find the best two-way radios for your needs.