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Illuminate exterior spaces with outdoor sconces and wall-mounted lights from Ace Hardware. Add curb appeal, create a unified look and increase safety and security by installing outdoor porch lights near doorways, patios and walkways. Learn how to improve your outdoor spaces with this exterior wall lights guide from your friends at Ace.

Deciding on the Right Exterior Wall Lights for Your Home

The right exterior wall lights will highlight your home's best features, from beautiful landscaping to architectural elements. Outdoor sconce lighting and wall-mounted lamps light up hard-to-see spots so accidents are less likely. They add an element of aesthetically pleasing design to any home, too.

Whether you're looking to boost your home's safety and security or to enhance the style of your front porch, curate a well-designed outdoor lighting scheme by considering the following factors.

Common Outdoor Wall Mount Lighting Styles

Porch light fixtures and outdoor wall lanterns cater to a variety of design preferences. Opt for wall-mounted lights that integrate with your home's existing décor. Here are some of the most common outdoor wall mount lighting styles:

  • Contemporary: Featuring clean lines and minimal ornamentation, contemporary outdoor sconces usually have angular frames, clean tones and simple features. Modern wall-mounted light fixtures often have brushed nickel or polished chrome finishes. 
  • Traditional: With a timeless aesthetic, traditional front door lights instill a sense of comfort and familiarity to any space. Traditional styles of lantern wall sconces are often designed with smooth curves, ornate details and black or antique bronze finishes. 
  • Industrial: This style combines utilitarian design with an urban edge. Industrial-style wall-mounted lights typically feature iron or metal materials and finely crafted features like nostalgic bulbs and cage-like shades. 
  • Craftsman: With unique, artistic effects and a hand-made look, craftsman-style outdoor sconce lighting often has details like seeded glass inserts and painted finishes. 
  • Rustic: These outdoor wall lanterns have rich, organic textures and shapes that instill innate warmth. Rustic finishes typically feature naturally appealing details like weathered or worn-out finishes. 

Define Your Exterior Lighting Design

When using exterior wall lights, create a balanced look by choosing outdoor sconces proportionally sized to your door. Front door lights should measure at least 1/4 to 1/3 of the size of your entryway door.

For best results, mount outdoor porch lights at eye-level. The center of your light source should be positioned at least five to six feet from the ground and at least eight to ten feet apart from each other to achieve a balanced aesthetic.

Determining the Appropriate Scale of Lantern Wall Sconces

To determine which porch light fixture size might best suit your space, try examining your entryway from the curb, as lantern wall sconces often appear much smaller from a curbside distance. If it appears that the standard wall-mounted lamps may be too small, don't be afraid to go for a slightly larger size to ensure optimal results.

Explore the large selection of top-quality outdoor sconces and wall-mounted lights at Ace Hardware. Find solar-powered, hard-wired and plug-in styles of exterior wall lights in the latest designs to brighten up your home's exterior. 

Searching for light fixtures that securely mount flat against the wall or ceiling? Browse our inventory of outdoor flush-mounted lights.