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About Bird Houses

Attract more birds to your yard with bird houses from Ace. At Ace you will find an extensive collection of houses for birds in all sizes, shapes and styles. We also carry models specific to the type of bird you want to attract or the type of bird food you are providing.

A bird house provides a safe place for birds to nest and avoid the elements. When choosing a bird house it is important that it is well ventilated and constructed of a sturdy material that will withstand the weather. Where you place the bird house is also an important consideration as you will want to keep it away from predators such as cats or squirrels.

Another consideration is where the house will be located. Will it be hanging from a tree, mounted on a post or placed on a window? And if your decision is based mostly on style, we carry a variety of unique and stylish houses that will brighten and add interest to any backyard. A common nuisance around bird houses is the squirrel. 

Squirrels can scare away birds, and worse, get into your bird house and consume the seed that is intended for the birds. To avoid attracting more than just birds to your house check out our selection of squirrel proof bird feeders. Shop Ace for all of your bird watching needs; we have the right feeders and houses to help you attract the birds that you enjoy. And don’t forget to stock up on plenty of bird seed and food to keep the birds coming back to your yard again and again.