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Soft-sided cooler bags are an economical and convenient way of keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold when you're out and about. Made from flexible fabric or plastic with a waterproof lining, they're comfortable to carry and also fold up for easy storage when not in use.

Ace Hardware carries a variety of soft-sided coolers with varying features. Consider the following factors when making your selection: 

Length of Cooling Time 

By using one or more cooler blocks, which are available separately, good soft-sided coolers can keep their contents cold for a full day or more. For anything much longer than this, a hard-sided cooler is probably a more sensible choice. 

However, even without blocks, the in-built insulation of a soft cooler bag will keep your lunch fresh for several hours after leaving home in the morning.

Multiple Pockets and Cavities 

Another thing to look for in a cooler bag is the number of cavities or pockets it provides. Having more than one internal pocket makes it easy to keep different contents at different levels of cooling, for example by using different sizes or numbers of cooling blocks.

External pockets are also useful and convenient, as you can carry additional items such as cutlery, napkins or bottle openers. Keeping contents which don't require cooling separate from your food and drink helps keep the temperature down for longer, while still keeping the convenience of a single bag.

Available Sizes 

Cooler bags of all types measure their capacity by the number of cans they can hold. The can size considered when making the estimates is the standard 12oz size. Our range includes cool bags holding anything from three to 50 cans, making them suitable for small individual lunches or family days at the beach alike.

Carrying Handles 

Depending on how you plan to use your cooler, the carrying handle style is important. You can choose from a backpack-style bag, an over-shoulder strap, side handles, or a simple carrying handle on the lid. Many models feature more than one handle type to give maximum flexibility.

Materials and Design 

Our range includes soft-sided, zip-up coolers in a variety of designs and materials. Whether you're looking for a bag that's tough and rugged for life on the trail, or one that's good looking enough to be a daily lunch bag cooler, we'll have one to fit.


Lastly, an important detail to look for is whether or not the cooler or insulated bag is rated as waterproof. This is important not only for keeping the contents dry, but for preventing messy leaks if a can or other container bursts during transit.

Cooler Bag Accessories 

To keep your cooler bag contents cold for longer, add a reusable cooler ice pack fresh from the deep freeze, available in sizes to suit large or small bags. And as an added benefit, these portable ice blocks can be also used for emergency first aid when you're out hiking or exploring.

Whether you're looking for a stylish thermal lunch bag or a sturdy tote cooler, you'll find it at Ace. And with respected brands including Yeti, IceMule and PACKIT you can rely on quality and cooling ability.

Browse our selection of soft-sided coolers to find the perfect for your next outing or brown-bag lunch. If you need help or have questions about finding the perfect cooler contact us online or visit your local Ace Hardware for friendly advice from one of our experts.