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About Electric Grills

An electric grill is a simple solution for people seeking a safer way to grill. Electric grills cut back on the amount of smoke caused by an open flame, making them ideal for people who have to adhere to specific building restrictions and can't purchase a bigger grill that runs on gas or charcoal. Ace offers both outdoor and indoor electric grill styles, with some models that work in either environment. Shop our top-rated selection of reasonably-priced electric grills and find the one that fits your personal needs and preferences. 

We offer aluminum and porcelain electric grill styles and carry the world's most trusted brands in electric barbeque grills, including Weber and Char-Broil. Buy an outdoor electric grill for easy set-up on your deck or patio or browse our indoor electric grills and sear your steak inside instead. Indoor barbeque grills are especially easy to store and clean. 

Cooking on an electric grill is safe and easy. There's no open flame or propane tank – just a power switch. Simply plug it in and turn the dial to control your cooking temperature. 

Choose an electric grill if you are looking for:

  • Safety: Electric BBQ grills don't emit large amounts of carbon monoxide, harmful fumes or open flames.
  • Convenience: Indoor and outdoor electric grills don't require coal or propane to heat, only access to an electrical outlet. They tend to be easier to clean than gas or charcoal grills and can be used inside or outside.
  • Portability: These grills are relatively lightweight and easy to bring to parties, campsites, tailgates and more, so you can always pack up your electric BBQ grill and get cooking in a moment's notice.
  • Savings: Buying an electric grill is just a one-time expense, since they don't require propane tank refills or replacements. Electric grills are generally cheaper than more traditional styles, since they also tend to be smaller.
  • No-Flame Grilling: If you live somewhere that restricts propane because of the risk of fire, an electric grill is the perfect fit for you, since there is no open flame.

After you've browsed our selection of electric grills and found the right one for you, pick up all your must-have grilling accessories like cleaning brushes, long-handled utensils, grill mitts and covers, thermometers and more from Ace.