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Become a master griller overnight with the large selection of grill attachments from Ace Hardware. Our quality grill attachments from top-rated brands are designed to bring the best out of all your barbequing adventures.

Grill Attachments to Boost Your BBQ Game

Whether you're into quick-searing steaks or spending countless hours smoking meats, the simplest way to up your grilling game is experimenting with the right grill attachments. Maximize your experience by exploring all our grill attachment options, including the following accessories.

Rotisserie Grill Attachments

Most rotisserie grill attachments have rods that rotate slowly, allowing meats to baste in their own juices. This process ensures the meat will turn out incredibly moist and delicious. Rotisserie attachments offer a great way to roast a whole chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, fish and more. Most rotisserie grill kits are very quick and easy to install, too.

Grill Tables

Sometimes, there just isn't enough room to accommodate prep work. Grill prep tables provide extra shelf space, letting you chop, dice, mince and set your grilling utensils down for a more convenient grilling process. Many flat top grill attachments are constructed with powder-coated steel that resists the elements and ensures easy cleanup with soap and water. Look for grill tables to fit your type of grill, griddle and smoker.

Pizza Oven for Grilling

Turn your gas or charcoal grill into an outdoor pizza oven with our assortment of pizza oven for grill attachments. Our pizza oven for grill kits create cooking chambers that maximize the cooking process by focusing heat into smaller spaces. These kits are made to deliver mouthwatering pizzas that taste just like they've been cooked in wood-fired ovens. Look for a pizza oven for grilling kits that include a/n:

  • Wooden peel that makes it easier to slide your pizzas in and out of the grill without burning your hands. 
  • Cordierite stone that handles temperature fluctuations very well and helps produce evenly cooked, crisp crusts.
  • Aluminum pan that allows you to cook pizzas, cookies, bread and other baked goods with less hassle.

Grill Lights

When grilling late into the night during tailgating parties, family gatherings or other grilling events, these handy grill attachments serve as much-needed light sources that help you see what you're cooking. Get amped up during your next cookout by choosing a grill light with an included Bluetooth speaker that lets you listen to your favorite music. Or, go for the style of a magnetic grill light with super-bright LED lighting that attaches to any metal surface for precise illumination wherever you need it.

Grill Pans and Toppers

When you're ready to try out new techniques on the grill, the right grill pans and toppers are a necessity. Incorporate a variety of grill pans and grill attachments into your grilling routine to add greater variety to your mealtime menus. Regardless of your culinary preferences, find grill pans and topper options to personalize your grilling endeavors, including:

  • Cast iron griddles that offer excellent heat retention and even distribution for properly cooked foods.
  • Aluminum and stainless-steel boiling pots that let you to steam, fry and boil.
  • Grill baskets that let you prepare sliced veggies and small pieces of meat with greater ease.

Become a true pitmaster by shopping the array of grill attachments at Ace Hardware online now. Looking for grilling advice? Head to your neighborhood Ace to learn more about the grill attachment options we carry from our knowledgeable grilling experts.