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If you're aiming to enjoy the perfect BBQ, a grill thermometer is one of the most important tools you can buy. Whether you love your steak rare, medium or well done, a good thermometer will help ensure you cook it to perfection without wasting expensive meat.

Easy control over temperature can also help you avoid food-borne illnesses and a combined grill and smoker thermometer makes it easier to explore the world of hot and cold home smoking.

Sometimes, the thermometers included with most BBQs aren't always the highest quality may be inaccurate and slow. Learn what you need to look for when choosing a better one from the experts at Ace Hardware.

Which Type of Grill Thermometer Do You Need? 

There are several kinds of BBQ thermometer available, and the one you choose depends on how you usually grill.

Gauge Thermometers

These are old-style analog thermometers, which are usually attached to the grill. They're good for checking the overall temperature of your BBQ and keeping it consistent over a full session. They're also useful for both hot and cold smoking.

Probe Thermometers

These meat thermometers use a probe to directly measure the temperature inside individual steaks or other cuts of meat. They're especially useful when having the meat reach the right internal temperature is vital for food safety. Probe thermometers are even accurate enough to tell you when your food is perfectly done.

Infrared Thermometers

Use infrared thermometers to check that hotplates and pizza stones have come up to a high enough sizzling and searing temperature before adding your food.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Thermometers

These devices let you monitor your grill's temperature from a safe and comfortable distance using wireless communication. Wireless thermometers are available in both meat probe and whole-grill versions.

Should You Choose an Analog or Digital Thermometer? 

For most situations, a digital thermometer is a good choice because it gives quick and accurate results. The exception is for cold smoking or slow BBQing of large cuts, which require you to monitor the temperature over time – for this, an analog gauge thermometer is fine.

Multiple Probes 

If you're grilling for a large number of people, look for a meat thermometer with multiple probes. With these, you can cook numerous pieces of meat to perfection at once without constantly switching between pieces of food.

Alarm Settings 

One final feature to look for is an automatic alarm, which tells you when you’ve reached your desired grill temperature or if the temperature strays out of the range you want.

Combine an automatic alarm feature with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to be alerted when the perfect cooking conditions are ready.

A Good Thermometer Makes All the Difference 

A BBQ full of delicious food is a great way to spend time with family and friends and the right grill thermometer helps you get the grilling right every time.

If you need any help choosing the most suitable grill thermometer or other grill tools for your next meat-up, contact us or visit your local Ace store for friendly, expert advice.