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Pellet Grills & Smokers

Turn out juicy hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken and more – all packed with incredible flavor. Shop top-rated pellet grills and wood pellet smokers from the best brands, including Traeger and Pit Boss, at Ace Hardware. 

Benefits of Pellet Grills  

Pellet grills cook foods a bit differently than other types of grills. They use wood pellets as fuel, which adds distinct, unbeatable flavor profiles to your foods. Some benefits of using a pellet grill over more traditional products include the following: 

Ease of Use 

Beginners and expert grillers alike love the versatility and ease that pellet grills provide. All you need is your favorite type of hardwood pellets and cuts of meat to create amazing meals. After the pellets are loaded into the hopper, you can grill up your favorite foods with a simple touch of a button or turn of a knob. Many models even include advanced technologies that help you maintain precise, consistent temperatures every time you use it. 

Whether you want to grill hot and fast or low and slow, pellet smokers and grills offer incredible flexibility. Our selection of pellet grills offers the versatility to grill, barbecue, smoke, roast, braise and bake a variety of foods. Many models even give you the ability to set it and forget it, making grilling easier than ever. 

Flavorful Results  

Hardwood pellets can create a range of flavor profiles in everything you cook. Try grilling chicken, steak, hamburgers and other meats with different hardwoods to come up with your favorite recipes. You can also quickly adjust the heat and length of cooking time to impart maximum flavor to anything you throw on the grill. Some types of hardwoods you can pick to infuse specific tastes into your veggies, meats and baked goods include: 

  • Apple wood pellets 
  • Hickory wood pellets 
  • Mesquite wood pellets 
  • Oak wood pellets 
  • Big game blends 
  • Turkey blends 

Incredible Features 

Our assortment of pellet grills and smokers includes a range of features to help you cook the best meals. While you shop for the best pellet grill for you, look for the following features: 

  • Electronic auto-start ignitions. 
  • Advanced Grilling Logic to maintain precise temperatures from start to finish. 
  • Wheels with locking casters to easily move your grill around the backyard, patio or deck. 
  • Dual meat probes to make checking internal meat temperatures easy. 
  • Powerful steel constructions and durable powder coat finishes. 
  • Large grilling surface areas to turn out larger food portions. 
  • Digital control boards for easy use. 

Where to Buy Pellet Smoker Grills 

Shop Ace online now to find the best pellet smoker for your needs. If you aren’t sure which model is the right choice, head to your neighborhood store. Our helpful staff can provide expert tips and advice to ensure you find the right supplies for your next cookout. 

Once you’ve chosen your grill, stock up on other essentials. We offer a full range of grilling accessories, including tools, pans, attachments and grill covers, to help support your grilling adventures year-round.