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Decorative Lanterns

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About Decorative Lights

After you've created a perfect outdoor space on your patio, deck or backyard, add the finishing touches. Outdoor decorative lights bring a gorgeous charm to your space, including enchanting and sparkling white lights and calming, romantic amber-toned string lights. Shop backyard lights at Ace to find a wide assortment of styles to help create a specific mood in your outdoor space.

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights perfectly complement any outdoor space, providing subtle illumination, splashes of color and beautiful touches of whimsy. The gentle ambiance that decorative outdoor lighting provides is sure to enchant your guests, making any gathering a magical experience. The wide variety of lights available at Ace Hardware means you can mix and match styles to your heart's content!

Patio String Lights

Think of patio string lights as the final decorative touch to your patio, deck, garden or backyard. While bright, high-wattage spotlights are perfect for illuminating objects of interest – such as patriotic or sports-themed garden flags – string lights help set the mood. With these gorgeous lights, you can lounge and relax or entertain a group of your closest friends.Beyond looking great, patio string lights are cost-effective, too. Low cost and minimal power consumption make outdoor string lights an easy and economical way to change the look of any deck or patio. They provide a safe, reliable alternative to candles and lanterns, and the broad range of available shapes and colors make it easy to find the decorative outdoor lighting that's right for your outdoor area.

Use these helpful tips to choose the perfect outdoor string lights for you:

  • Understand incandescent bulbs and LEDs. In some decorative garden lights, you'll find incandescent bulbs, while others have modern LEDs. Incandescent bulbs have a shorter lifespan and use more electricity, but offer a soft, warm and romantic glow. On the other hand, LEDs last longer and are more power-efficient. These options add a bright and vibrant color to your space.
  • Consider placement and location. String lights with exposed bulbs are good candidates for low-traffic areas. Lights with covered bulbs are best suited to busier areas, since they can better withstand accidental jostling.
  • Suit your style. Amber-toned string lights cast a calm, gentle glow, adding interest without drawing undue attention. Multicolored decorative lighting catches the eye and lends a festive appearance. It's all about personal preference – make your space your own!

Outdoor string lights are a fun, affordable way to enhance the appearance of your patio, deck or yard. Whether you're relaxing alone or entertaining guests, Ace Hardware's string lights will help you transform any outdoor space into something truly special. Pick up all your favorite styles to complete your outdoor look today.