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About Outdoor Fireplaces

Bring warmth and style to your outdoor space. At Ace Hardware, we offer a wide selection of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces to keep you warm. That way, you can continue using your deck or patio long after the warm summer months transition into cooler weather. Pick a fire pit, chimenea or outdoor fireplace to create an inviting atmosphere for your friends and family. To get started, simply use the selection tool on the left side of the screen to narrow your search by brand, price range and more.

Choosing a Fire Pit or Fire Table

Fire pits and fire tables are the ideal centerpiece for an intimate seating area. To heat up your outdoor space with ease, choose a gas-fueled fire pit. These options include an easy-to-use switch to quickly turn up the heat. For a natural and calming aroma, pick up a wood burning fire pit. Our wood burning fire pits offer a gorgeous flame without producing great amounts of smoke, letting you breathe easy. Some options even include a decorative table to keep a better distance from the flame.

Choosing A Chimenea or Outdoor Fireplace

Another great outdoor heating solution is the chimenea or outdoor fireplace. These traditional designs offer a contained flame that transforms a deck or patio into a sophisticated outdoor living room. Chimeneas and wood stoves keep the fire contained, providing all the heat without an open flame. Cages surrounding the chimenea allow you to watch the wood burn while the opening directs the heat where you need it most. Some of these styles are even portable, allowing you to move them around your outdoor space or take them along with you on camping trips.

Choosing A Patio Heater

Chimeneas, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits aren't the only way to warm up a deck or patio. A patio heater makes a great solution for smaller spaces. Place one in the corner of an outdoor sitting are or position it beside your picnic table. These heaters are often featured on casters for mobility, making them a great choice for outdoor parties. Store a propane tank within the base and these patio heaters turn on and off with the turn of a switch. It doesn't get easier than that.

No matter which outdoor heating solution you choose, your deck or patio is sure to become a favorite place to spend time with loved ones. To keep your outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace working great for years to come, purchase a cover and keep it protected between uses. Find all these heating solutions and more at Ace Hardware to keep you comfortable outdoors.